Tickle the monkey


First off, I’m very excited that Cartoon Network is bringing Mr. Men to the little screen.  Yes, those cutesy little characters we all knew from elementary school will now be walking and talking.

I’m only excited about this because I’m a proud owner of a Mr. Bump shirt.  And I’m a proud owner because when I laugh, it makes Mr. Bump dance on my belly.  You get the idea.  And of course Mr. Bump is my on-line representation.

Anyway, in checking out the new Mr. Men website, I game across this game for our good friend Mr. Tickle. 

To get to it go here, click on Mr. Tickle (bottom row, left side), then click on “Game.”  (BTW, I hate how all this new flash stuff doesn’t have direct links)

Anyway, the object of the Mr. Tickle game is to…yes…tickle the monkey.  You have to tickle the monkey so much that he, cough, explodes.  Okay, really, I don’t make this stuff up.

Where are all those conservative Senators now?  Forget Tinky Winky, this is downright criminal!

So, in the words of Mr. Tickle, “I know a monkey who needs a tickle.”



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6 responses to “Tickle the monkey”

  1. jimsey says :

    remember that time I tickled your monkey?

    God I hope G. doesn’t read this.

  2. Gwen says :

    My guess…Mr. Tickle will be incarcerated within 72 hours with charges for a bad touch! What was Little Miss Sunshine thinking when she bunked up next door to this creep?!?

  3. jimsey says :

    Prosecutor: “show me on the doll where mr tickle touched you timmy.”

  4. Elvi Patterson! says :

    this is going to be either really good or horribly cheesy and awesome.

  5. Ben says :

    But Elvi, it can be all those things, and more!

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