Nine Cities, Nine Green Ideas


The Wall Street Journal ran a nice piece on Monday looking at 9 cities around the world and steps they’ve taken to reduce energy consumption.

 Some of the highlights:

  • Chicago’s efforts to plant rooftop gardens to cool municipal buildings.
rooftop garden in Chitown
  • Amsterdam’s cool water air conditioning system.
  • London’s “localized power” concept – moving energy generation closer to users.

  • New York’s tidal generation – this is my personal favourite.


The only one on the list that didn’t make sense to me was Bejing.  Apparently, in an effort to both cut energy consumption and reduce pollution leading up to the Olympics, Bejing has been focusing on closing and moving a number of cement kilns, coal mines and chemical plants.  I think the key piece is the moving aspect.  I’m pretty sure it doesn’t count as reduction if you’re just shifting the plant to another area…but I’m not an scientist, nor am I Chinese.


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