I perhaps may have encountered one of the worst canned beverages ever. I’m not even talking crystal pepsi bad, not natty ice bad, nor even some chili beer I read about.

Now I’m a fan of the sauce, not in the 12-steps kinda way fan, but chances are if it contains alcohol, I will tie it on (mouthwash excluded). I’ve drank some pretty wretched mixed drinks and shots, they were either made while rustling through Ben’s liquor cabinet, or asking a bartender for the most disgusting shot he knows. (A variation on the Mexican Mouthwash if you must know, but add Tabasco, sour cream and pepper corns).

A friend of mine knows my penchant for Clamato, so while perusing the local grocery mart, he encountered a Budweiser concoction of Clamato & Budweiser (or bud Light if you are watching the waist). I ran out and promptly found some at my local grocer.

Okay, here’s the math:

Beer(Usually quite yummy (except for the chili beer)) + Clamato(Always yummy) = Quite potentially one of the worst things known to man. Imagine a fizzy tomato flavored red pop that gets you drunk. Unfortunately before you can even begin to get a buzz going, the stomach pangs of the putrid stank eating away your esophagus are sending you reaching for your duodenitis medication.

Ps: I have three cans of this stuff in my fridge, so If anyone wants some, let me know.


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4 responses to “Chelada?”

  1. Ben says :

    I want it, I want it! It sounds as yummy as that time I tried making a screwdriver but I only had orange drink mix. No, it sounds worse. Eww.

  2. Humberto says :

    Hey, I like Cheladas!

  3. jimsey says :

    Trust me, anything that involves tomato and carbonation is not good.

    You know it just occurred to me, Miller came out with that disgusting “Miller Chill”, so the people at AB must have been thinking, “oh yeah Miller? I bet you we can come up with something even more disgusting!”

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