Welcome to Tampa (Part 1)


Avast ye mateys! I’m back from Tampa. Heres some Pictures from the city, and tomorrow I’ll give you what you’ve really been waiting for, Pirate Pictures!

yargh again!

And subsequently My observations

  1. The city is actually called “Tampa”, not “Tampa Bay”. I feel like I’ve been lied to for years by the buccaneers and the lightning
  2. St. Petersburg loves its pelicans
  3. Somehow white sneakers and flat brimmed hats to the side are in style, but spinners are not
  4. I expected something older, more exciting, more colourful in Tampa. Instead I was greeted with stucco and glass in a variety of bland colours.
  5. Granted I only saw downtown on a Sunday, but it appears to be a very dysfunctional downtown. No coffeeshops, no retail, no restaurants, a whopping one CVS. The skyscrapers are seemingly nothing more than giant glass offices with one entrance with no semblance of mixed use or multifunctionality. Perhaps theres some great underground city I missed in lieu of the sweltering heat the city experiences in the Summer
  6. Speaking of the weather, I totally understand why people from the north become snowbirds. Everyday, highs were in the mid 70s, whilst lows dipped into the low 50s. Sunny and hardly any rain to be found.
  7. Nightlife leaves something to be desired. Maybe I didn’t have the greatest guides, but seemingly there is no low key places, only the boom thack, bright lights and crowded rooms.
  8. Girls are fake and/or trashy. Boobs are everywhere. Apparently the only way to get attention is by showing as much as possible. Tans and fake nails are also in
  9. Tampa people are sissies in the cold, I saw scarves, wool sweaters and mittens (okay made up that last one) on a clear mid-50s night
  10. Any way you slice it, bud light is tasty. And so is Natty Light at 10am.

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4 responses to “Welcome to Tampa (Part 1)”

  1. Ben says :

    Bienvinedo a Tampa, Jimsey Escalante.

    I could really get used to their winter weather…beats this obnoxious cold.

    Tampa…underground city…I smell a new Dolph Lundgren movie!

    “The year is 2013…the earth is a nuclear wasteland…the remenants of society now live under the city formerly known as Tampa (Bay)…only one man leaves alive!”

  2. jimsey says :

    i’d settle for just being a mole person hanging out with dolph.

    Where is dolph nowadays anywho?

  3. Ben says :

    Why he’s written, directed, and starred in his own movie:


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