Is this really an honour?


This kind of news story cracks me up.  I get a little update each day from the International City Managers Association with municipal news from around the world (yes, my dorkiness has been well established, thanks.)

So this story catches my eye.  What great news, Portland is the #1 green city! Huzzah!

But wait…named top green city by…Organic Gardening Magazine?  And it’s the top green city “of its size in the United States”?  The heck does that even mean?

I’m sorry, but when your illustrious list includes Burlington, Vt., Fargo, N.D., Sioux Falls, S.D. and Billings, Montana I just can’t take it seriously.  Those places are “green” because nobody lives there.  Hell, my list of “green cities” would include Wamsutter, WY and Grygla, MN.

So the lesson?  Always check the source before getting ready to write a post about how great this is for Portland.

Oh, and I totally rocked the bark quiz.


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