So this really all not that important blogger at Ben Co. is off on vacation! To where you ask? The Short answer is Gasparilla.

What’s Gasparilla you ask? Well I suppose I could just click on the link, but that’s way too easy.

I know it has to do something with pirates. In what capacity I’m not sure. Does Tampa love their pirates? Do they throw this festival in an effort to please the Pirate Gods, so that pirates don’t attack the city? Or do they encourage the pirates to come to ward off ninjas? (Ninjas are the sworn enemy of Pirates) Was the Tampa Tourism Board just looking for a really sweet gimmick?

Oh if only I’d click on that link, or at least wiki the darn thing. Instead, I’m going with the assumption that pirates are and indeed perhaps the sweetest and most ballerist thing in the world. So much so, that people still pirate to this day.

So I’m off to warm and sunny Tampa (78F today!) I’ll bring back pictures and stories and chotchkies for everyone!


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2 responses to “Yargh!”

  1. Ben says :

    Best part of this? Going to the link and making the cannons fire. Weee!

    Wait a tick…”Gasparilla Extravaganza…an alcohol free event…”! How un-piratey! Oh, that’s just the opening event…whew.

    Your crate of limes is in the mail. Beware of the clap, lice, rats, and overweight women in bikinis.

  2. Ben says :

    I’m so sober…sober…sober..sober…can’t feel my legs.

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