Golfweek Noose Cover: Controversy or Smart Publishing?


UPDATE: Golfweek has annouced that they have replaced the editor responsible for this cover. 

Ben Co. doesn’t usually dabble in sports, let alone golf (except for an odd weekend spent destroying turf at a cheap golf course).  When the story of Kelly Tilghman’s whole “lynching Tiger Woods” controversy exploded I thought about writing something and decided not to.

Now Golfweek has released it most recent issue with this cover:


Predictably, a whole shit-storm of controversy has resurfaced around both the original statements and whether Golfweek went too far in an effort to grab readers.

As usual my initial reaction was righteous indignation over the cover stunt (think Bullwinkle the Moose saying, “How dare you!”).  After mulling it over(well, 5 minutes worth), however, I can’t decide if this is “too far” or if this is simply a valid attempt by a magazine that has a typically narrow readership to snag a few more readers by capitalizing on controversy.

While the visuals of the noose are striking and possibly offensive, I’m not sure if it crosses this often hard to define line of racism.  What does push it over the edge for me, though, is the text accompanying the cover story:

Tilghman slips up, and Golf Channel can’t wriggle free.

Get it?…noose…slip…wriggle.  Adding this smarmy little sentence made a cover that could have been attention grabbing and edgy into simple sensationalistic journalism.  It’s the difference between knocking on the door of a person’s sensibility and driving a 1971 Plymouth Fury through it.  But in the end, who really reads Golfweek anyway. 

So, my question to our loyal and intelligent readers is this: did Golf Channel cross the line or is this acceptable?


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2 responses to “Golfweek Noose Cover: Controversy or Smart Publishing?”

  1. jimsey says :

    Offensive imagery? Jesus christ, Its not like there’s an image of Lee Travino railing jesus, slapping poor people, slitting a cows throat, eating a baby all while defecating on the qu’ran.

  2. rsulli03 says :

    Seen “The Aristocrats” recently…

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