Pope Banned from University in Rome


The Edmonton Journal is reporting that students and professors at La Sapienza University in Rome have successfully forced Pope Benedict to cancel an upcoming a speaking engagement at the university. See the full article here.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not a fan of this most recent Pope (not that I’ve been a fan of most Popes…). I think he’s introduced a number of regressive ideas back into the Catholic doctrine that do little to help the Catholic church address modern concerns.

That aside, I never agree with a university censoring anyone. University’s are supposed be bastions of free thought, regardless of religious or political affiliation. Columbia University, on the other hand, handled the visit of an (arguably) more controversial figure when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad visited last year.

So, let the Pope speak, just be sure that there is a free and open forum for debate. Once we lose academic freedom we might as well close up shop and move to Texas.


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2 responses to “Pope Banned from University in Rome”

  1. jimsey says :

    Son of a bitch! I’ve been censored.

    Regressive? Do I even need to start ranting, or can we all agree to take this in stride?

  2. rsulli03 says :

    Nice post Ben. My mind’s been exploring the various tangents of this article’s main idea for the past hour now. Thanks for wasting my time. Dick.

    Oh, I happened to notice that “8 Seconds” showed up a bit on the banned/restricted/challenged book list. It was challenged by a parent because the “Alternative lifestyle of [the] character is
    inappropriate for ages 11-14.” I never saw the movie. Does anyone know if this is this because he is a bull rider? Or is he gay.

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