Make Your Own Mukmuk!


Okay, we already know our little furry friend Mukmuk (old post here). He’s being denied his rightful mascot status and all the glory, merchandise and plush animals that come along with it. So, here’s how you create your own Mukmuk.

Step 1: Adopt a Marmot from the Vancouver Island Marmot Conservancy Folks. Or receive it as a present from your sister.

Step 2: Receive Mukmuk hat and foam finger as a gift

we're number one!

Step 3: Combine Steps 1 & 2!

oh no

Okay, he’s a baby marmot. So by 2010 he’ll no doubt grow into his hat. You can also have him wear it as a blanket/boot so he stays warm during the winter and doesn’t go into hibernation on you.


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16 responses to “Make Your Own Mukmuk!”

  1. Ben says :

    I couldn’t ask for more to cheer me on a Friday morning. The best part of this is that Muk Muk is having some e.d. issues with his “foam finger”…if you know what I’m saying.

    Next stop, Ebay!

  2. Mikhail says :

    I’ll take 2! This was absolutely the best thing ever put on Ben Co.(sorry Ben), but I’m thinking Jimmy is on to something. I’m thinking that’s a lot of work, but well worth it in the end. I’m going to design MukMuk’s skis, bobsled, and skeleton board.

  3. Ben says :

    lol…I think Muk Muk is too fat to participate in skeleton!

  4. Mikhail says :

    Never underestimate the talent of MukMuk. If you’re gonna fight the fight, you have to have faith in MukMuk.

  5. Gwen says :

    lol! I love it! How much do you want for your Mukmuk? I’ll start the opening bid at 200.97245 Finnish Markka.

  6. jimsey says :

    well lets see, 5 markka bought one euro back in the day. You’re offering 200 of them, so that’s 40 Euros. 40 Euros equal about 58 USD, not adjusting for inflation from your circa 2000 markas.

    Not a bad deal, I’ll have to think about it and see if there are any better offers out there.

  7. Sarah says :

    I heart Mukmuk!

  8. Ben says :

    I hurt Mukmuk!

  9. jimsey says :

    why would you do such things? always destroying what I create.

    sob sob sob

  10. Ben says :

    Sorry, I missed type that. I mean to write “I Hurt Mukmuk,” as in I gave him a headshot of William Hurt, autographed on the set of The Good Shepherd.

  11. jimsey says :

    william hurt? You’re so far in left field steve bartman is giving you weird looks.

  12. Ben says :

    I was the trusty rightfielder for the Kings when we won our 2 consecutive titles. Two hits in two years, baby!

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  14. youtube grabber says :

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