…Eleven, Twelve!


Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to present to you what I believe to be the feel good video clip of your lifetime (at least for the Sesame Street generation).

I vividly remember watching the various Pinball Number Countdown animations as a child. There was something profoundly satisfying about these shorts. I’m not sure if it was music (sang by the Pointer Sisters), the trippy psychedelic animation, or the fact that, with my basic feel  for kinetics,  I couldn’t figure out how the pinball stayed on that spiral down ramp.

Having not seen this in years, I obviously have a different perspective on it. I tend to pay more attention the music now – which, as it turns out, is quite good (you gotta love a jazz steel drum solo). Aside from the Pointer’s performance, it was arranged by Ed Bogas who as scored music for hundreds of shows including Charlie Brown, Garfield, and Betty Boop.

Ok. Without further ado, the Pinball Number Countdown:


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4 responses to “…Eleven, Twelve!”

  1. Mikhail says :

    Not the coolest thing on Ben Co….you should be demoted by Ben for trying to steal MukMuk’s thunder. I want a recall of this post for at least a day. Who’s with me?

  2. Ben says :

    Ha…Humberto, I thought the same thing when I saw the ball go down that ramp. And I never took physics. I guess neither did most kids who were watching Sesame Street…oh god, I’m only as smart as a 5 year old…

  3. Mikhail says :

    Ok, there is a monkey that lives inside an elephant…now that is pretty darn cool. I’ll give you that.

  4. Ben says :

    Ha, just got done watching “Half Nelson”…good movie. Anyway, around 3 minutes in the main guy gets out of his car singing this under his breath. Classic.

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