Healthcare Lottery?

Okay, so some state sponsored health plans “close” when the state can’t take on the burden of any more people financially. The Oregon Health Plan, a state-funded expansion of the Medicaid program (I think I have that right) has enough projected revenue to accept up to 13,000 new members. However, when nearly 100,000 Oregonians qualify for the plan, what do you do?

Why, have a lottery of course!

And that, my friends, is what’s wrong with health care in America. We know we have issues of covering everyone, but when the “fairest” way to expand coverage is through absolute random chance?

(this may potentially be the worst researched post ever, total effort was about 3 minutes, but since I’m on the internet I can post whatever misinformation I want!)


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3 responses to “Healthcare Lottery?”

  1. Ben says :

    I don’t know why the U.S. is slipping into a recession, what with taking care of it’s working age citizens so well:

    From the article

    “Dusty Sargent, a 25-year-old unemployed Milwaukie man, said he will take a shot at the health plan lottery.

    Sargent, who said he wants to return to college to study Web design, has been without health insurance most of his life. About four or five years ago, he said, he got on the health plan for about two months but was bumped off before he had his first doctor’s visit.

    “I haven’t had a whole lot of access to the health care system,” he said. “If it is really bad, I’ll just go to the emergency room.”

  2. jimsey says :

    that potentially is one of the worst names out there.

  3. Ben says :

    I don’t know where people get these stereotypes of Americans as ignorant hicks.

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