Ed Stelmach threatens lawsuit over domain name


Anyone familiar with Alberta politics will have no doubt come across www.daveberta.ca, an Alberta blogger whose opinions I have agreed with on many occasions.  Turns out the forward thinking Daveberta snagged www.edstelmach.ca in the lead up to Stelmach’s coronation as King Ralph, Jr., and old Steady Eddie isn’t happy about it.

Daveberta received this letter from Stelmach’s lawyers.  They are claiming Daveberta misappropriated Stelmach’s identity and that his posts critical of Stelmach mean that he did not do this in good faith.

First, this issue of domain name registration is hot and will only get crazier.  My personal view is that if a high visibility person such as a politician can’t think that they should cover this end of things, tough.

Second, I’m ticked that the lawyers are relying on his posts which are critical of Stelmach as evidence of lack of good faith.  The implied statement, then, is that someone who fawned over Stelmach on www.edstelmach.ca would not be threatened in this manner.

Third, what on earth are Stelmach’s handlers thinking?  There was a zero percent chance Stelmach could come out looking good out of this.  Best case scenario is that he looks like an absentminded Luddite who can’t quite “get” this whole internet thing.  Worst case (which is where this is headed) is that he looks like a petty bully who can’t handle criticism and gets all litigious on college students who happen to have a different political affiliation (note to Ed…all college students most likely don’t agree with you on anything…they are college students, not bumpkin farmers).

In the end it’s just another sign that the Good Ship Conservative is slowly sinking in Alberta.

Ezra Levant, someone I never expected to be agreeing with, sums it up well here, too.


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5 responses to “Ed Stelmach threatens lawsuit over domain name”

  1. Mark Iocchelli says :

    I feel dirty – I agree with Levant too. Let the four horsemen come…

  2. jimsey says :

    I didn’t know you could “own” a person’s name.

    Other Jimsey’s in the world, I’m going to sue the shit out of you for anything you’ve ever done before. http://www.jamespopp.com/ <- You are so sued for shitty bird sculptures going against my persona of a badass and eating birds.

    I think this would be funny if the other Ed Stelmach’s of the world filed a class action lawsuit against daveberta.

  3. Leif says :

    Good post. You know Ed’s made a serious blunder when Ezra Levant has people agreeing with him!

    Albertans need to make a bigger deal about this issue, as Ed is misusing his office to bully someone who simply called attention to the mistakes that Ed’s office made (not registering the domain)! I mean, is this Ed’s style of government, make a mistake, deny error, and attack? WTF?

    Here’s my contribution: http://leifbaradoy.com/no-ed-the-public-is-not-with-you

  4. Ben says :

    Hey everyone,

    Leif’s post on this gives a nice link to a letter from the Canadian Internet Registration Authority clearing up some of the issues around the legality of grabbing http://www.edstelmach.ca.

    Check out his post above, or see the article here.

  5. lawsuit says :

    I finally finished updating my blog about lawsuit !

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