2007 Photoaramamontage


Since I only have the power to look backwards in time, I’d like to share with you a montage of my photography from 2007. Two things:

1) I help run this website UrbanOhio. I’ll give it a proper introductions later, gotta space out my material.

2) I have never thought myself to be a “good” photographer (and no I’m not fishing for “woe is me” compliments.) I like photography because I do. The pictures included in the link below represent places I’ve been, memories, city’s, stories or just a laugh.

A few snippets:

I’ve got pacman fever!

cincinnati pacman

Ben’s hangout




See The Full Set


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biography'D! visit here: http://www.urbanohio.com

2 responses to “2007 Photoaramamontage”

  1. Ben says :

    I always knew Of Jesus would kill you in the end.

    And I’m impressed how you managed not to blur those ghosts…they must have really been whizzing bye!

    AND I hope I’m not the only one who got the Garfield reference…I hope, I hope, I hope…else I would be a big dork.

    Finally, I like your big sausage.

  2. jimsey says :

    that’s what she said?

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