A Post not about Iowa


Being a good American and with access to a blog (see new year’s resolutions #1, “me, me, me”) I feel like it is my civic duty to be blogging about Obama and Huckabee in a state known for its smiley faced water towers

But instead we’re going to hit two issues and loves of my life at once:

1) Megaman

2) Taser related deaths

I give you the latest and greatest (and arguably most distaste-est) in the Vancouver Taser Incident:


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3 responses to “A Post not about Iowa”

  1. Ben says :

    Dear god…

    That’s great…and terrible…it’s gerrible!

  2. Lachlan says :

    I would laugh, but I can’t on a moral level. Megaman anally raped my mother.

  3. Humberto says :

    Finally, conclusive proof of the position I’ve held all along – he had it coming.

    Oh yeah, and what power do you suppose Megaman absorbed…

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