Attractive Woman/Ugly Man Syndrome

And we’re back.

I had the good fortune of spending much of my holiday sitting in airports.  This is exciting for a number of reasons (overpriced food, fun security announcements – the threat level was orange), but mainly because it gives me a wonderful opportunity to observe the human species.  Or at least the portion of the human species that can afford to fly.

And this latest dose of humanity has reaffirmed my belief in the “Attractive Woman/Ugly Man” theory.  This has been discussed before (here and here, for example) and any number of reasons have been suggested.  I especially like the supply and demand theory that there are simply more beautiful women than attractive men in the world (excluding China, of course – that whole one child, male dominance thing messes it up).

So what are my most recent findings?  In Minnesota, there are any number of reasonably attractive (in a wholesome, corn-fed sort of way) women who are paired with a pudgy guy wearing his Dale Earnhardt Jr. hat, camo hunting jacket, and work boots.  In Calgary this was much the same, although the women tended to be a little more attractive, and the men replaced the work boots with cowboy boots.  And tighter jeans.  Yeek.

Among my own friends I have one in particular who is perfectly attractive, intelligent, and funny, yet seems consistently drawn to the balding, overweight, goofy looking guys.  Most interesting is that this does not seem to be by choice – she prefers men with rugged good looks (such as myself, obviously), yet seems to keep coming back to the opposite.

Perhaps it’s a biological mechanism – there’s a better chance of ensuring a stable source of reproductive material if you don’t have to worry about your man running off.

Or maybe it’s for emotional reasons – again, an ugly guy might be a safe guy.

Personally, I attribute it to a combination of these two factors.  In most species the female plays the more pivotal role – reproduction, learning/teaching, protection – essentially everything required for the continuing existence of a species.  This goes for humans.  Take lions, for example.  Aside from serving as a walking sperm bank and occasionally killing another lions cubs, male lions are essentially useless.  The same goes for human males.  So why should a woman take the risk with an attractive man when this only increases the risk of “cross-pollination,” if you will?

Whatever the reasons, it’s happening.  And don’t get me wrong, this is a phenomenon that has benefited me – what other reason could there be for my wife marrying me?


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5 responses to “Attractive Woman/Ugly Man Syndrome”

  1. jimsey says :

    1) So since I’m so super attractive and perfect, does that mean there’s no hope for me?

    2) Anecdotally, you’re proof of this: ba-zing!

  2. Lachlan says :

    I never really thought i was that ugly until i found the series of photos where my mum was trying to diaper my face.

  3. hah says :

    I soo love this article. It’s cause unattractive men are less egotistical, conceited and self-absorbed. They go out of their way to make you happy and keep you all for themselves. Two thumbs up for ugly men:D

  4. LR says :

    Actually, on average there’s more handsome men than beautiful women in the world, especially in the United States, because most families prefer a son over a daughter.

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