Quebec: Land of poutine, discrimination, and snow tires

Quebec is an enigma to me, much along the same lines as Texas, Crocs, or tounge piercings.  I just don’t get it. 

Quebec longs for recognition of their “distinct society” in Canada while attempting to force immigrants to assimilate.  Quebec gave us poutine, which is unsettling when you really analyze it. 

And Quebec gave us Bon Homme, who scares the pants off of me. (He’s no Mr. Bump.)

So now, further strange news from our pea-soup eating friends.  The Government of Quebec has annouced that winter tires will be mandatory for all cars from Nov. 15 to Apr. 15.

Julie Boulet, Minister of Transportation, states that “There is no price when it comes to road safety.”  Let me get this straight.  Through all of last year 717 people died on Quebec roads.  In 2004, over 2,200 people died from falls (from bed, stairs, etc.) alone [Source: CANSIM, table 102-0540, Statistics Canada].  Does this mean we should ban all stairs?

I guess my main point here is that this seems to be an absolutely absurd waste of time and money.  According to the Globe and Mail, over 90% of drivers use snow tires now, before any legislation.  Have they determined that those extra 10% without snow tires account for all 717 deaths?

Je me souvien idiots.


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10 responses to “Quebec: Land of poutine, discrimination, and snow tires”

  1. jimsey says :

    i think we all should live in giant bounceable bubbles.

  2. Lachlan says :

    It’s pretty easy to understand really. The people from Quebec are of french origin. And so they are trying to make Quebec a perfect version of France. So the first step is to turn themselves into perfect assholes. This is one of the steps toward that goal.

  3. jimsey says :

    coming back, I’m seriously freaked out about this bonhomme character. I want to go the festival and pour gravy on him now. Or throw him in a texas-death match with the michelin man.

  4. Ben says :

    Now, now, Lachlan. French bashing went out of style when the U.S. tried that whole “Freedom Fry” thing. They ruin everything that’s fun: mocking the French, invading Iraq, terrorism.

    Hmm, Michelin Man vs. Bon Homme – My gut says Michelin Man, but geez, Bon Homme has that crazy psycho look in his dead black eyes. I mean, seriously, he must not have been hugged enough as a little snowball. Or whatever he is.

  5. Humberto says :

    Now, now Ben. Did I just hear you just use the U.S. in the third person? I’m as Canadian as, well…….the next Canadian, but don’t forget your roots man! (And I’m not taking about the Toronto-based retailer of quality footwear, clothing, and accessories.)

    If Bon Homme is made of snow wouldn’t Michelin Man just need to change into snow tire mode or something?

  6. jimsey says :

    he’d whoop out a set of snow tire chains

    Oh crap, we’ve just come full circle

  7. Lachlan says :

    Bon Homme looks like a StayPuft Marshmallow man that has gone on the subway diet. I’d like to see Bon Homme vs Jared.

  8. Discount tires says :

    I agree with Lachlan but it is too cold to make it like France.

  9. jojo says :

    The truth is that the province of Quebec does not want to plow snow off the roads as often as they use to. The officials want to pocket the budget. Winter tires legislation is the safest way to make some money on both sale of winter tires and spending the winter snow removal budget on salaries, raises and office parties.

    Watch out – this is coming to Ontario next year. You can see that there is an abundance snow that is left to be obliterated by daily traffic already. Especially since the bus system is on strike and not doing most of the work displacing the snow for the city of Ottawa.

    Well for the rich and burocrats, this is a great safe way to legislate laws to help capitalists make money in a hidden manner. (Blame it on the rain mentality.)
    However, Snow tires or not the fact remains that if snow is not removed on basic average… accidents will occur. I find it pathetic that the legislation does not include a claws that prohibits worn out or bald tires. So one can just buy a used winter tire that is unfit to handle driving winter conditions. This law is so fishy it stinks!

    Going forward if this bill is passed in Ontario, winter accidents should be blamed on City officials and their snow removal policy and not on the poor bastard tax payer with a brand new all season tires.

    That’s my 2 cents worth!

  10. Heartburn Home Remedy says :

    I noticed that this is not the first time you write about this topic. Why have you decided to touch it again?

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