How cool is this?

So, just dinking around looking at other blogs and I came across this: images of a “super-massive” black hole unleashing an enormous beam of energy into a nearby galaxy.

Apparently this energy beam can completely demolish atmospheres of planets, but also can bring about the formation of new stars.  Now if I can just harness to work for the forces of good my master plan would be complete!

Oh, and I love saying “super-massive.”  I will now incorporate it into my speech more often.  Such as: “So I was eating a banana, and then this super-massive desire for banana bread come upon me.”  So how much cooler that sentence is?

This post was super-massive.


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4 responses to “How cool is this?”

  1. Humberto says :

    Ah yes, the “death star” black hole. Someone should tell system 3C321 to shoot for the exhaust port.

  2. jimsey says :

    your idiocy is super-massive

  3. Ben says :

    Your jealousy is super-massive, Mr. Insurance Salesman.

    Exhaust port…tee hee.

  4. lachlan says :

    shooting for the exhaust port could get you in trouble, especially if you’re involving super-massiveness

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