Too Much Rod Benson?

One great thing about the Internet (beyond enabling complete idiots to have a voice): it allows you to stumble across something you might otherwise never encounter.

Case in point, Rod Benson.  I first came across his Yahoo! Sports blog, which led me to his personal blog –  Turns out Rod Benson is a scholar/athlete currently playing in the NBA D-League for the Dakota Wizards in Bismarck, N.D., has big goals, and is funny as hell.

All signs point towards his becoming a success blog wise, and it would appear his work ethic will make him a success somewhere in the NBA.  So, I figured it would be best to hitch the Ben Co. blog to his star.

This makes perfect sense, since both Rod Benson and I have so much in common.  Here is proof:

He’s black; I’m painfully white.

He excels at basketball; I can touch the rim on a good day.

His blog gets thousands of hits a day; My blog gets literally tens of hits a day.

He rocked his SATs; I almost failed the math portion completely and barely squeaked by.

He currently resides in Bismarck, N.D.; I’ve been to North Dakota!

His last name is Benson; My name is Ben, and I’m a son!

His blog is witty and amusing; I pretend my blog is witty and amusing!

So you see, almost 50% similarities between our blogs.

Anyway, check him out, but don’t forget about me…please…

Boom Tho!


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