Ford Motor Co: Nazi-Sodomite-Treefrog Automobiles?

Sometimes people just make my blog life too easy.

 Case in point, this guy.

My first thought was, “Weird, what do Ford recalls have to do with religion?”

My second thought was, “Oh, oh, a religious zealot!  Yay!”

To think that to date I was not driving a Christian made car.  And what the heck is a “treefrog trade unionist company”?  And when did unions become un-Christian?

Now, growing up in Detroit, I was of the belief that I would burn in hell only if I drove a foreign car.  But apparently I have put my soul in jeopardy by driving my Ford Escape.  I’m so confused.

Now if only I could get that pair of cavorting sodomites out of my engine…they are really hurting my fuel economy.


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6 responses to “Ford Motor Co: Nazi-Sodomite-Treefrog Automobiles?”

  1. Mark Iocchelli says :

    You should get one of those new-fangled “hybrid” sodomites.

  2. wheresroxy says :

    Oh thank you so much – I have not had enough caffeine yet to look at that stuff. That link should come with a warning!

  3. Ben says :

    Good point, Roxy. Something along the lines of:


  4. jimsey says :

    hyrbid cards…….they go “both ways”

    giggity giggity.

  5. jimsey says :

    also, does this guy sit around and yearn for the good ol’ days of self delegated grandeur oriented judgment? Man, if only I had a few stones, or swords and horsemen lying around, I could really teach ford a lesson.

    So kind of car does God Drive? (I say “does” instead of “would” because clearly these people know everything about her and how much attention she pays to the US auto industry.)

  6. Humberto says :

    I think he inferred that americans driving christian-made cars are speeders.

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