Debt free by 30?

Came across this blog from a freelance photographer who took it upon herself to try and eliminate $150,000 in student debt in 1 year by selling $2 prints of her work.

 Cool idea and nice photos, check it out.

This, of course, got me thinking about my student debt.  What can someone with a BA in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration possibly offer to the Internet gods for profit?

Then it hit me:  sarcastic commentary.  Then it hit me again: Here I am giving it away.

So, as both a public service and a profit making mechanism, I will now be offering personalized sarcastic commentary:  provide me with an email and a topic and I will respond with something witty for only $2 CAD!


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2 responses to “Debt free by 30?”

  1. Melanie Bess Hogan says :

    Hey…. just wanted to say THANKS for posting some nice words about my Debt Free by 30 project!! I really love that the success of this project encompasses perfect strangers…. even that I can’t trace back through common friends. How did you come across my blog? I want to keep track of such things as best as possible…. need to create some kind of sign-in.. or something on my blog page, for circumstances such as these. Anyways… I really appreciate it… BUT WAIT…then when I was reading ‘about Ben Co.’ I realized you are in the business of sarcasm…. so perhaps the posting was shot from the hip and piles of mockery? :) Either way I will take it! I too am proud to have sarcasm as one of my finer qualities! :) Goulet!!!! All the best in your endeavors!!!

  2. Sandy Elling says :

    Is that in Canadian funds or American?

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