San Francisco converts city fleet to biodiesel fuel

The New York Times is reporting that San Francisco has just completed a year long project which converted all city vehicles to be able to run on bio-diesel fuel.

The fleet of city vehicles have been converted to run on B20, a mix of 20% soy-based fuel and 80% petroleum based diesel fuel. 

This fleet switch over has also been coupled with a new “SFGreasecycle” program designed to collect fats and cooking oils from city restaurants for conversion to bio-diesel fuels.

While there are obvious benefits to using bio-diesel fuel, the method is not without critics.  Some argue that bio-diesel fuels have the possibility to create food shortages while the positive overall impact on the climate is questioned.

However, do I think this is better than a strict fossil fuel diet?  Can’t hurt.


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3 responses to “San Francisco converts city fleet to biodiesel fuel”

  1. dpari says :

    Thank you for the article, I enjoyed reading it.

  2. Humberto says :

    Ok. I just had a thought, though I don’t really know enough about any of the subjects I’m about to combine. And too lazy to do the research, so please feel free to correct me at any point along the way.

    1) As far as I know, the government still subsidizes american farmers for essentially what boils down to producing too much crop. In this case, let’s say corn.

    2)Corn can be made into fuel

    3)The subsidies don’t always make it to the people who need it

    4)Instead of giving away money, why not purchase the crop from the farmer, and use it to make a reserve of biofuel, thus ensuring a more stable price at the pump (assuming more manufacturers implement this technology) and avoiding the need to further disrupt wildlife reserves (i.e. Alaska)

  3. Ben says :

    Whoa whoa whoa! What kind of crazy talk is that? A reserve of bio-fuel? What kind of left-wing, forward thinking, long-range planning mentality is that?

    That would never work…big Ford F-6,589 Trucks need BIG BOY fuel, stuff that comes from dead animals. We can’t have our 4 x 4 trucks running on vegetables while we do manly stuff like go to Costco.

    Besides, those uppity animals in the arctic aren’t supporting the War on Terror by walking all over that oil. They’re either with us or against our getting to our Freedom Lube.

    (Oh, and I think you raise a good point….aren’t there massive stockpiles of wheat that go bad on a regular basis, too?)

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