Two signs that the apocolypse is upon us. Pack your bags.

So I am convinced that the end of the world as we know it is here.  Have I received a sign from a higher power?  No.  Is there a massive meteor headed for earth?  No.

Instead, I have found two things that are clear indicators that humanity is ripe for the smiting.

First, a temperature controlled butter dish.  Yes, because leaving your butter at room temperature wasn’t good enough.  You can now experience the exquisite delight of having perfectly softened butter at your beck and call.  To think I’d lived this long without it.

Second, eww.  Just eww.


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5 responses to “Two signs that the apocolypse is upon us. Pack your bags.”

  1. Mikhail Sittar says :

    I’d like some 73 degree butter with my sushi please…

  2. Ben says :

    Boy, I’m not sure if 73 degree butter would really help that sushi…

  3. Humberto says :

    I’m ordering my Butterwizard in cow print

  4. Lachlan says :

    I find that Tasering your butter creates a perfect storm of buttery goodness

  5. starbirdcanada says :

    And now you can taser your butter playing your favorite tunes with the brand new MP3 Taser!

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