Another Canadian Taser related death?

I’m beginning to experience some “taser fatigue” from following this, but… 

Various news sources have been reporting on an incident in Nova Scotia that saw a man die in police custody 30 hours after being tasered.  Howard Hyde was tasered after struggling with police during his booking.  Diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, Hyde struggled with officers and jumped a counter before being tasered.

As my prior posts here, here, and here show, the frequency of these incidents is increasing (the “Perfect Storm” of taser-related incidents?) and is giving police forces and government officials fits as they struggle with how to deal with this.  And don’t fool yourself – I’m sure the people at TASER Intl. are cooking up some wicked propaganda on this issue, as well.

What remains to be seen is if police forces across Canada will continue to unequivocally back the use of Taser’s, or if some meaningful debate and regulations will emerge.


Amnesty International says 17 people have died in Canada since 2001 after stun-guns were used by police. Besides the death Thursday of Howard Hyde, 45, in Dartmouth, N.S., the case of Claudio Castagnetta, 32, is also being reviewed. Castagnetta died in Quebec on Sept. 20 two days after being hit with a Taser.


Robert Dziekanski, 40, in the Vancouver Airport in October.

Quilem Registre, 39, in Montreal after being stopped by police on suspicion of drunk driving, also in October.


Jason Dean, 28, in Red Deer while running from police in August. 2005

Alesandro Fiacco, 33, in Edmonton, arrested while wandering into traffic in December.

James Foldi, 39, of Beamsville, Ont. while being arrested for breaking and entering in July.

Paul Sheldon Saulnier, 42, while being restrained by police in Digby, N.S. in July.

Gurmeet Sandhu, 41, of Surrey, B.C., while being restrained during a domestic dispute in June.

Kevin Geldart, 34, in Moncton, N.B. in May during an altercation with police in a bar.


Samuel Truscott, 43, of Kingston, Ont. was Tasered by police during arrest. His death was ruled a drug overdose. Jerry Knight, 29, a semi-pro boxer was Tasered by police at a Mississauga motel in July after complaints he had become violent.

Robert Bagnell, 54, while in custody of the Vancouver police in June. He had cocaine in his system.

Peter Lamonday, 33, while being restrained by police in London, Ont. in May.

Roman Andreichikov, 25, high on cocaine and being restrained by Vancouver police also in May.

Perry Ronald, 28, while being restrained by Edmonton police after jumping from a window in March.


Clark Whitehouse, 34, tried to flee the Whitehorse RCMP after being stopped in traffic in September.

Clayton Alvin Willey, 33, of Prince George was also high on cocaine when Tasered by police while trespassing in July.

Terry Hanna, 51, was Tasered by Burnaby RCMP in April during a break-and-enter. Cocaine was also involved.


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