Criminal charges possible in Taser death

Well, well, well…perhaps the Conservative government of Canada is figuring it out. 

It appears that in a move to both calm public outrage over the recent tasering death of Robert Dziekanski as well as send a notice that the government is watching the RCMP, Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has said that an investigation of the actions of RCMP officers in the death of Dziekanski would include criminal charges if necessary.

What remains to be seen is if this will truly be a meaningful and transparent, or if the RCMP will call the shots.

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3 responses to “Criminal charges possible in Taser death”

  1. chris says :

    and we saw exactly what happened. It’s time to stop supporting this corrupt and devious system. I’ve stopped paying taxes. The government and everything they represent is criminal. They are the NAZI gestapo, the murders we unwillingly support. Wake up!! Prosecute the real criminals, the politicians and SS. We need to rise up!

  2. Ben says :

    Woo, Chris, that is some venom your spittin’ there. Your comment on the previous post was semi-lucid, but it’s good to see you went full-on internet crazy here.

    I work for the Canadian Revenue Agency, a representative will be visiting you shortly.

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