“Christian” Pastor seeks to buy up Microsoft shares to eliminate Microsoft’s non-discrimination polices

Sigh.  Despite what some friends might think, I really do strive to remain objective when I consider another persons perspective, especially when it conflicts with my own personally held views.

But then something like this comes along and just provides way to much ammunition for me.  I’ll summarize the article for those of you who don’t feel like pressing their left finger on the link.

Pastor Ken Hutcherson, an evangelical pastor in Redmond, WA (and a former Dallas Cowboys linebacker, hence the addled brain, perchance?) has vowed to mobilize “millions of evangelical activists” in an effort to buy up all of Microsoft’s shares.  And why does the good pastor want to do this?

Is Microsoft persecuting, refusing to hire, or otherwise persecuting Christians?  Does Hutcherson have evidence of Microsoft participating in the 9/11 attacks?  Or, even worse, is it over Microsoft’s utter dominance of personal computers? 

No, he is embarking on this crusade because Microsoft officially discarded its previously neutral stance on homosexuality in favour of championing gay rights in it’s organization.

Yes, a Christian pastor of a church that promotes “diversity” in it’s congregation is attacking Microsoft for not discriminating.  Bravo.  If there is a god I’m sure he’s VERY proud of his flock in Hutcherson’s church.

Why does this drive me bonkers?  Where to start…ah, how about with some foundations of Christian beliefs Hutcherson is going against (Courtesy of Rutgers University)!

  • “Christian love isn’t real unless it’s willing to come to grips with real human relationships and the problems that arise with them.”

    • This is an ongoing issue I have with religion.  A major tenet of Christianity and most other major religions is this concept of love for your fellow human being.  Evidence from history has not shown that this tenant has been followed too closely.  Hutcherson certainly doesn’t seem to adhere to it.
  • “Forgiveness of sins is one of the key marks of Christianity. Christ died to seal our forgiveness by God. We are expected to respond by forgiving each other, and acting as a force for reconciliation in the world.”
    • Even if you DO believe homosexuality is a sin, as a Christian you should be forgiving.  Don’t see much forgiveness going on here, either.
  • “There is a certain anti-legal strain in Christian thought. Jesus accepted the validity of the Jewish laws. However he encouraged people to emphasize the intent behind the law, and to focus on their motivations. He summarized the law as love for God and for our neighbor. Thus much of Christian practice is focused on finding ways to show love for our fellows.”
    • Apparently this is now interpreted as “love for our fellows as long as we agree with them”

I’ll leave it at those major concepts for now…although we could go on.

I’ll close with some juicy tidbits from Hutcherson himself.  And I quote:

  • “I consider myself a warrior for Christ. Microsoft don’t scare me. I got God with me.”
    • I’m pretty sure the Blues Brothers had a better “Mission from God” than this guy.
  • Mr Hutcherson’s office is decorated with the heads of deer, elk and a buffalo – “when I run into animals, I kill them and bring them home and eat them”
    • Uh…think this includes cats, dogs, pigeons, rats, and so forth?  eww.
  • “I don’t care how big Microsoft is,” he said. “They are nothing but a feather in the wind of God. America basically got started with a tea party and Goliath, if I’m not mistaken, got taken down by David, who believed in the same cause I believe in.

    “I’m going to go after the new Goliath with one little rock called a share and I’m going to make them tremble before we get through.”

    • Now I’m no biblical scholar, but I didn’t realize David believed in buying shares of Microsoft in order to promote discrimination and hatred… 

So, score another point in religions continued battle to make itself look ridiculous.  Sometimes it really is too easy.


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26 responses to ““Christian” Pastor seeks to buy up Microsoft shares to eliminate Microsoft’s non-discrimination polices”

  1. jonolan says :

    One: When someone like Hutcherson “promotes diversity” it means they promote Blacks. To a Black or Hispanic or Asian diversity is the modern politically correct euphemism for Racial Agenda.

    Two: Blacks have historically had a problem with the LGBT community. I think they were afraid that a minority group with a large number of affluent White members might get too much traction and dilute the available pool of monies, thereby “short changing” the Racial subsidies.

    Three: Yeah, a minister wants to buy up a good stock? Hmmm…I’m guessing he’d like his church to manage those investments by the congregation as well ;)

  2. Humberto says :

    Not much to say this time. After reading the Telegraph’s article, it’s quite obvious that this guy is falling down the spiral staircase of hypocrisy.

  3. Lachlan says :

    It’s sad when people use their influence for ignorant agendas. It’s really sad, when a man whose race has suffered numerous discriminations and injustices now seeks to inflict the same injustices upon others.
    Why are people so afraid of homosexuals? What’s so scary about it? How does it prevent anyone from living their lives the way they wish? I cannot understand how a religion that claims to preach love, can be so wrapped up in spreading hatred.
    The sad thing about Christians, is that they control the most powerful nation in the world….it is impossible to become President of the USA without being a christian…if you seriously try to tell me otherwise, then you have your head up your ass. And as long as that is the case, you’re going to have christian groups telling everyone how they should live, and have all sorts of retarded legislations passed in the name of morality.
    I am sure Christ is weeping rivers of tears seeing the shit done in his name.

  4. Mark Iocchelli says :

    Sadly, I think we will never fully eliminate racism/discrimination – we will just move on to another target.

    In 20 years people will scratch their head at the discrimination we currently have toward the gay, lesbian and transgender communities. But, even as we scratch our heads, we will be discriminating against another group.

    My guess is it will be tall people from Detroit who get it next. ;)

  5. Ben says :

    You, sir, have offended my honour. Pistols at dawn!

  6. Lachlan says :

    You don’t know how to use a pistol. I suggest bags of wet mice at 15 paces.

  7. jonolan says :

    Ben, hmmmm….I do still have my great-grandfather’s .54 cal dueling set. It’s a wonderful matched brace of wheel-lock dueling pistols ;)

  8. Ben says :

    Jonoloan, as nice as those sounds I fear Lachlan may be right :( Looks like a bag of wet mice for me. Eww.

  9. Mark Iocchelli says :

    Is “bags of wet mice” a known/commonly known way of dueling?

    I feel quite out of the loop on this.

  10. jonolan says :


    “Bags of wet mice” are part of no dueling tradition that I know of – but it’d sure be funny to watch! LOL

  11. Ben says :

    I can just imagine how that would go: 5…4…3…2…1…SQUEAK…SPLUT.

  12. Annette says :

    Poor mice!

  13. Bill says :

    About the only thing this author said that holds water: “Now, I’m no biblical scholar…” Perhaps he should become one PRIOR to espousing supposed “knowledge” of Christian beliefs?

    Buying a public company’s shares and then using the clout accrued to “direct” the company and it’s public policy decisions is as American as you can get. The lesbian, gay, cross gender, or whatever, communities have the same right/opportunity. Instead of squawking about the supposed “nuttiness” of this guy, why not take the idea and do the same. It is genius, especially if it works.

    He and his followers are within their rights, both of free speech and free market politics. Isn’t this a great country?

    Whining like this author’s makes me puke! It’s weak.

  14. Ben says :

    Dearest Bill,

    There’s a couple of issues I have in not being able to pursue your proposed method.

    1) You are proposing that the protection and promotion of tolerance in society should be determined by market forces. In your example, those groups with the ability to control corporations should be able to determine what human rights are acknowledged and which are trampled. The problem is, of course, that minority groups (in this case, your “lesbian, gay, cross gender, or whatever”…I can only assume you mean shrubbery) are, by definition, a MINORITY, thus not able to amass the buying power to control Microsoft (much as Hutcherson’s attempt has failed).

    2) You creatively edited my reference to my not being a biblical scholar…that was written in reference to the parable of David and Goliath in my final bullet. I cited where I got the rest of my information contained in the post.

    3) I wouldn’t rely on “as American as you can get” as your main supporting argument. You know what else is “as American as you can get”? Spam, Charles Manson, and you. None ringing endorsements.

    4) I lack both the extremism and the malevolent will to surround myself with enough zealots to achieve this sort of corporate coup…a fact I am proud of.

    Thanks for stopping by. I hope you drank a soda before I made you puke and burns on its way up.

    Respectfully yours,


  15. Bill says :

    Still whining? And attacking too… very good!

    1.I AM proposing that if it is proper for the government to be swayed by the billions of $ that corporations “donate” to politicians in attempts to sway public policy to their “cause”, then it is also proper for the owners of the corporation, the shareholders, to have a say in what those policies are.
    2. you seem to be admitting that Gays, lesbians cross genders, whatever, and “shrubbery”(?) ARE minorities. Last time I looked, the definition of democracy includes the harsh, but nessisarry fact the in it the MAJORITY rules.

  16. Ben says :


    I think we have different definitions of whining. This is whining:

    – “Mom, there’s some ignorant libertarian and/or conservative and/or religious nut commenting on my site…make him less ignorant!”

    1) We disagree on this point. I do not feel that corporations should have as much influence on U.S. governmental processes as they do. We most likely won’t agree on this point, so best to move on.

    2) I don’t seem to admit it, I am stating it. And I might point you towards the U.S. Bill of Rights, enshrined in the U.S. Constitution, which grants protection to minority rights in an electoral system which favors majority rules. All about checks and balances, baby. But perhaps your last lesson on the U.S. Constitution came from ‘National Treasure 2″.

    You spelled necessary wrong. And it is a well known fact that various types of shrubbery have been persecuted throughout U.S. history due to a number conservative Supreme Court decisions, notably Samson v. Mr. Jones’ Topiary.

  17. Bill says :

    3. “American as one can get” is simply a manner of speaking. Are you saying that the ownership of capital is not a pretty typical American trait?
    Certainly one can point to any number of other sad traits we as a culture exhibit. That is in fact the very thing that radical extremist muslims do when characterizing our country.
    4. Are you saying you ARE a biblical scholar now? I would love to have a discussion about your David & Goliath reference with you. You might start by reading David’s speech to the Philistines, specifically directed at Goliath, in 1 Sam. 17:45.

    You probably are a nice guy in person. Sad you have to wish me ill, simply for voicing my opinion here. (Respectfully yours, Ben…? Really?)

  18. Annette says :

    I’m VERY upset about what I’m beginning to perceive as an increase in racism/discrimination against shrubbery. I think I may have to plant a few more shrubs in my yard this year so they’re not so much of a minority. I’m also considering removing some other types of foliage to balance it out more. Mark – I think this discrimination against certain types of plants is what you were anticipating seeing in 20 years or so. Alas! it’s happening way too soon.

  19. Ben says :


    Oh, there was more…I apologize for interrupting. It is good to gather ones thoughts.

    3) I am saying that ownership of capital is a pretty typical American trait, yes. And you can call me Ishmael.

    4) Bill, Bill, Bill. I will speak slowly. I…am…not…a…biblical…scholar. My having a discussion about Dave’s speech to the Philistines, Dr. Phil, or in Philadelphia would be pointless, because I have no experience with it. Again, I cited my source outlining the main tenants of Christian belief that I feel Hutcherson is going against. That’s the whole point of this post. It’s not the simple fact that he’s buying stocks up, or wants to, it’s the motivation behind it. And I like the Bible…it’s a good read. I have 2 for some reason, right next to my other works of fiction.

    And lastly, I wished you ill for saying I make you puke, not for voicing your opinion. Two different mockerys here. And I always ridicule respectfully.

    Hugs and kisses,


  20. Bill says :

    My dear Ben,
    If you carefully consider it, we actually DO agree on point 1. of your response. (“I do not feel that corporations should have as much influence on U.S. governmental processes as they do.”) Me too! But since they actually DO, well better to not stand on the sidelines and cry over our sad fate. Because it is the American way to get in there and fight the good fight. Right?


    It is a clever maneuver to either make fun of the person, an idiom, or an innocent error to move your opponent off track. Then one does not have to feel as if they have failed to make their point solidly.
    “- “Mom, there’s some ignorant libertarian and/or conservative and/or religious nut commenting on my site…make him less ignorant!”

    “You spelled necessary wrong”

    “But perhaps your last lesson on the U.S. Constitution came from ‘National Treasure 2″.”

    O.K. you are NOT whining, you’re whinnying.

  21. Ben says :

    Wow, our agreeing is really an Oprah moment. I’d rather push for changes to how corporations influence government rather than giving in to it. Maybe that’s where we diverge.

    Crap, you figured out my secret weapon. And when you use “e.g.” it should have a comma after the last period and it’s not capitalized. Tee hee.


  22. jimsey says :

    how did this devolve (intelligently redesign) into a discussion of small hedges, horses, nicholas cage and soft money?

  23. Bill says :

    Maybe we really COULD be friends?

  24. Ben says :

    You had me at Shetland pony. Is this your blog?

    Wait…wonderful world of horses? You don’t strike me as a wonderful world of horses sort of guy.

    Thanks for the lively debate!

  25. Mikhail says :

    I just want to know why you had to bring a great sequel like National Treasure 2 into the fight, Ben??? Which, by the way, I did see last week…freakin awesome!

  26. Ben says :

    Mikhail, I will never let that go. You have scarred me for life with the first viewing, and the sequel would only rip open these wounds.

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