TASER UPDATE – Video of Robert Dziekanski Being Tasered at Vancouver Airport Released

Here’s an update to my previous post on taser deaths in Canada.

In the video we see a clearly distraught Robert Dizekanski moving furniture, throwing a computer, and apparently having a panic attack.  This goes on for a several minutes until the RCMP arrive.

Upon their arrival Dizekanski appears to calm down and seems to cooperate with their instructions.  When moved with his back against the counter we can not see Dizekanski’s hands, but there appears to be no movement on his part.

It is at this time that he is tasered for the first time.  This is quickly followed by two more shots from tasers.  At this point Dizekanski is screaming and convulsion on the ground.

You can view the video here.

CBC’s take is here.

The interesting thing is that the RCMP originally claimed to have tasered Dizekanski only twice.  In the video you can clearly hear three distinct cracks as each taser is fired, and possibly a fourth. 

So you have four large, armed RCMP members, once suspect who is not physically threatening the officers, and you’re telling me there is not a peaceful way to resolve this situation?

Here’s what I think happened.  It’s late, these RCMP officers would rather be someplace else, and they get a call about “some crazy foreign guy” at the airport.  They show up, this guy doesn’t speak any English (or French, because as federal employees I’m sure they’re bilingual, right?) and they think “Aw, another stupid immigrant invading our country – let’s waste him rather than take the time to solve this.”

Or maybe the four RCMP are technophiles and were so distraught at seeing a $100 monitor destroyed that they decided to balance the score-sheet with this guys life?

Basically, anyway you cut it the RCMP ends up looking like trigger happy sadists who were all too eager to try out their toys.

I mean, how much meaningful dialogue took place (even hand gestures would have helped!) in the 30 seconds it took the RCMP to pull their tasers?  Exactly – none.  So, after watching this video, I’d like to hear from all the defenders of the RCMP and tasers now.


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14 responses to “TASER UPDATE – Video of Robert Dziekanski Being Tasered at Vancouver Airport Released”

  1. Pat Zuk says :

    I can’t believe that my parents brought us to Canada. What kind of a society brutally murders a man for being confused and having an obvious panic attack. Why did no one in the hourse he was at the airport help this man. Have Candians sunk so low and far from their hollier than thou ideals that a simple act of kindness is beyond you. I only hope the officers involved get the maximum punishment for premeditated murder – that is what th video shows. In this country it probably won’t happen because people will blame Robert Dziekanski and make the officers out to be heros for stopping another terrorist. Way to go Canada, stand up and take a bow for being such a welcoming and friendly country. God, Canada disgusts me right now.

  2. Lachlan says :

    Oh please, give me a fucking break. Pre-meditated murder? Are you serious. You’re seriously claiming this video gives you proof of premeditation? You’re are seriously going to standby an allegation of MURDER?
    From what I see in that video, the guy is acting like a jackass, but he isn’t actually threatening anyone. He’s causing a disturbance, but that’s about it. Now I see 4 cops coming in and take him down with tasers. From what little I could see from that cinema quality video, his actions did not warrant the response taken by the RCMP. I am sure they could have just contained him until someone who could communicate with him could be located, but instead they went with a more physical approach which had tragic results. I think given his apparent reactions to the police, the police response is definitely assault, but in no way is it murder.
    These police should be charged with physical assault. It didn’t appear that they made much effort to peacefully contain him. There is nothing in that video that shows any level of premeditation, or willful desire to kill. Are you seriously telling me you really believe the police intention was to kill this man?
    And please, Pat, get off your high horse. The actions of four people do not represent a country. Before you start pontificating, make sure your glass house is intact. It’s ironic you use the phrase holier than thou.

  3. Ben says :

    Sigh…Lachlan, as much as I always try and find a way to disagree with you, you keep making so much damn sense. I wish you would quit thinking rationally for a change! geez!

  4. jimsey says :

    i’m scared of canada now.

  5. NICK says :

    This is sick man. RCPM brave policeman should fight real criminals not o poor imigrant on airports.I`m ashemed to be Canadian `couse of this.

  6. Jason says :

    Put yourself in the airport with this guy. I’m sure most of you would be scared of what his next actions would be. Society expects to be protected from people like him. Who do we expect to help us….THE POLICE. I think they did a great job up until a point. The assessed the situation, contained the threat, and reacted to him. I would expect the police to use one of their many tools (ie stun gun) in order to maintain to control a situation. This guys was acting irrational and was dangerous. Using the stun gun was a good call in my opinion.

    Where the police made the mistake is where they maintained top control of him body while he laid on the ground. It appeared the suspect was detained with handcuffs. Usually the detention with handcuffs and enough to limit the suspects mobility and chances of hurting someone else or himself. I didn’t see any immediate need to remain ontop of him after the handcuffs where placed on him. But all that being said….I wasn’t there and really can only speculate how I would have handled the situation.

  7. Witness says :

    We want to write a few words about the murder of the defenceless man
    from our country who was murdered by strangulation, suffoccation and
    broken neck at the airport in Vancouver.
    He was murdered by murderers, bandits, monsters, beasts, terrorists,
    tormentors, torturers, oppressors, psychopaths, mentally sick, druggies,
    tampon smokers, fetishists, discriminators, racists, retards, morons,
    poo-pooheads, brainwashed, manure, dung, maniacs, idiots, imbeciles,
    donkeys, garbage, trash, shit, rats, assholes, dicks, dirty swines, corrupted
    swines, dogs, coyotes, pimps; producers, smugglers and dealers of drugs;
    pederasts, pedophiles.
    The same as above-mentioned terrorized, tortured, tormented
    and murdered the Aboriginal-Native People, Chinese, Japanese and other
    immigrants and this is happening at present day.

    Think! These murderers burned holes in his body and burned his eye.
    This murder was on the base of hate, discrimination and racism.
    This murder was premeditated, this murder was ordered, commanded, persuaded
    and blackmailed by Border Services officer Adam Chapin.
    Only for writing about the facts of the murder of Robert Dziekanski, they want to
    murder us Maniac Campbell, Psychopath McGuinty and Monster Fantino, etc…

    People , Witness


  8. Jack says :


    If you can’t even type the English language, stay off these sites. Dziekanski brought this on himself. His mother is partly responsible as well. She should have come the day before and been at the airport on time. Also, I would rather the RCMP use a taser, instead of a gun. That’s what will happen if they are not allowed to use taser’s. The RCMP have a right to protect themselves. Who knows what Dziekanski would have done next. Did he deserve to die, no, but he shouldn’t have acted like a pysho either.

  9. Tom Wiseman says :

    After hearing the accumulating evidence being presented at the current inquiry, for example the fire captain, RCMP office who changed his testimony, the Irian woman, and viewing the video, et al I can only say how disgusting the four RCMP officers were in their ineffectual and insufficient attempts to deal with Mr. Dizekanski. I wonder, was their behavior a result of poor training, low education, or a combination of both. Let me see, four heavily armed men, bullet proof vests, puncture proof gloves, metal batons…a disgrace…but try to hold the federal government accountable, especially when you investigate yourself…

  10. lightbiz says :

    Это больше похоже на положительную карму

  11. Chris says :

    I am starting to realize how corrupt and deceitful the ‘justice system’ is. Braidwood’s only function was to figure out what happened. When RCMP gestapo lies and fraud came out everyone expected the government to lay charges, but the government is responsible for the entire FRAUD and corruption, so it’s like they would be charging themselves… Highly unlikely. We have the equivalent to PEDIPHILES WATCHING OUR DAYCARES. Worst yet, the moron, Paul E. Kennedy who is supposed to represent the public, made a statement in his submission to the Braidwood commission:
    “…This is exactly what Peel was advocating in 1829. Today, the entire system needs to send a
    clear message and not allow people to get away with assaulting police officers. We all have a
    role in enhancing public safety. “
    Kennedy is a f’n monkey and should spend the rest of his corrupt life in prison.

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