Off-duty Police Officers Shoot and Kill 17-year-old in D.C.

Here’s an interesting tie-in to my earlier post on the “ShotSpotter” that was being set up in Boston.

Apparently, Washingon D.C. has also rolled one out a while ago, and it is playing a part in the recent shooting death of a 17-year-old by two off duty police officers.

At first glance this seems very cut and dry: officers a pursuing a robbery suspect are fired upon and return fire, killing the suspect.  This, however, doesn’t appear to be the case.  Apparently these two officers were off duty when they discovered that one of their motorbikes was stolen.  So, they do what any good cop would do – they go vigilante.  After driving around the neigbourhood they eventually spot  DeOnte Rawlings.  After giving chase, the officers claim they were fired upon, after which they climbed out of their SUV and shot Rawlings.

There are three unsettling things here.  First, the officers were off duty, out of uniform, and acting on their own.  Second, no gun has been recovered, although according to ShotSpotter .45 caliber was fired.  And third, the officers NEVER IDENTIFIED THEMSELVES AS POLICE.  So, all this guy knew was that he was being chased by two guys in a SUV.

Futhermore, the police are relying on the evidence of ShotSpotter and its anlysts, none of which is allowable as evidence, nor is there any public oversight of this private organization.

Just some more food for thought for everyone who feels like the police can never do any wrong.  Check out the article here.


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8 responses to “Off-duty Police Officers Shoot and Kill 17-year-old in D.C.”

  1. Lachlan says :

    This one sounds pretty suspect but you’re forgetting one thing. The suspects name was DeOnte. He’s obviously black, and therefore guilty.

    All poor taste jokes aside though, the disturbing thing i find about this article is the fact the guy was shot in the back of the head. Sounds like he was running at the time of being shot….not fighting.

  2. Ben says :

    Yeah, I agree, this does set off a few warning bells, at least.

    But hey, one more poor black kid killed in D.C, who’s going to take notice? As long as off-duty cops aren’t shooting any white kids in Loudoun County there is no need to get outraged aand ask troublesome questions like “why was a kid shot in the back of the head by off-duty, out-of-uniform cops?”

  3. Humberto says :

    He was obviously impoverished if he couldn’t afford to buy a bike and was forced to steal one. What these to cops did was perform an act of social responsibility. If more people would just step up to the plate, we could, as a society, end poverty by the elimination of all poor people!

  4. Ben says :

    “Decrease the surplus population,” as our good friend Ebenezer Scrooge would have it? Yeah, the police are good at that.

  5. Lachlan says :

    I’m getting in on this on the ground floor. I can’t decide whether or not to call my business “Cap a bum”, or “Waste a pov”. Just think of the potential for future businesses. If you file bankruptcy, you don’t get chapter 11 protection….you get your head blown off. This will solve ALL of societies problems. If you aren’t carrying at least $100 in cash on you at all times, you can legally be blown away.

  6. Ben says :

    Even better, I bet you get get funding from the U.S. Department of Homeland security to for some kick-ass military grade weapons. Because everyone knows that poor poeple are often minorities, and minorities, especially if they have dark skin, are most likely terrorists. Problem(s) solved!

  7. jimsey says :

    i’m no criminal law specialist, but one thing I do think I know is that you have the right to run from anyone (including police) until they identify themselves as the police and tell you to stop.

    I mean, what’s next, will it be illegal to run away from someone trying to rob you at gunpoint? If this case sets any precedence, the robber will have the authority to shoot you in the back while leaving a trail of urine behind you.

  8. Vaibhav Pandey-->Technofriends Team says :

    This is a sad thing to know about. Its really pity to know when the protectors of the law themselves turn lawbreakers.

    Helping laymen become technology enthusiast at

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