Storm Virus clouds on the horizon

I’ll be the first to admit I know very little about technology.   I atrribute it to growing up at a time when computers and all those other gadgets I use have just been there, and more often than not they worked.  When something goes wrong I am clueless.  And most people out there are probably like me.

That’s what makes the Storm virus so freakin’ scary.

What is the Storm Virus, you ask?  Well, if you’re like me, you didn’t realize that it’s been around for a while.  Apparently it is a nasty little virus that infects your machine and makes it part of a “botnet.”  The articles below explain it all, but I guess the end result is you get a virus that hands over control of your machine to someone else and acts as a sleeper cell, lying dormant on your computer for months until it springs into action periodically.

Possible end result?  Chaos, apparently.  Or at least a massive network of enslaved machines doing whatever some freaky puppet-master tells them to do.  The possibilities are chilling, even for a non-techie such as myself.

Here’s a good article, Symantec’s take, and Cnet’s take on the black-market aspects of the virus.


Thanks to Mark for the tip.


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