2nd Canadian Taser Death in One Week

UPDATE: You can view a new post on this topic and the video here.

UPDATE: This post has been garnering lots of interest, so I thought I’d move it up to the top again and provide a link to a story from the Edmonton Journal.  Another “cop said/tasered guy said” case.  This time someone is tasered for jaywalking and getting a little uppity.  Apparently, “Have you ever heard of a crosswalk?” is Edmonton Police code for “You are breaking the law and I will taser you if you don’t stop walking.”

So, as usual, Jimsey is ahead of the curve on the news. Check out his post on Taser’s from Oct. 9th.

Now, in the span of one week, two people have died as a result of being tasered. One man at Vancouver’s airport died shortly after being tasered by police. Vancouver Police continue to maintain that his death was in no way related to the two blasts from a police Taser.

While police are working hard to deduce what possibly could have killed the man in Vancouver, Montreal Police are now linked to the death of Quilem Registre. Quilem was apparently stopped by police, was unarmed, but must have been enough of a threat that police felt the need to shock him not once, not twice, but SIX times. Yes, that’s approximately 300,000 volts the police felt was required to subdue this man. I think 300,000 volts would stop an elephant, let alone a man.

There are two very revealing statements that came out of this most recent death:

  1. “If you don’t have that Taser gun, you’re going to have to use your handgun,” said the Quebec municipal police federation’s president Denis Cote.
  2. When the issue of a possible lawsuit was raised, here is what Taser V.P. Steve Tuttle had to say:
    • “We’re 59 and 0 in court. That’s a great record right there because we can get rid of the junk science in a courtroom setting,” Steve Tuttle, vice-president of TASER International Inc. told CTV Newsnet.

There are a couple of things that spring to mind immediately. First, the only option for Quebec police to subdue a person beside the Taser is to shoot them? Remind me not to steal any poutine the next time I’m in Montreal.

Also, that V.P. sounds like a giant ass. You know, the kind who’s mother even wants to take a tire-iron to his head. And junk science? How much money do you think Taser has poured into various “research” projects in order to establish that there is no connection between these and the 14 other deaths and the use of a Taser in the last 5 years?

Is anyone else prepared to get a little pissed about this?


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53 responses to “2nd Canadian Taser Death in One Week”

  1. jimsey says :

    egad, so if I’m being unruly and on a methamphetamine rampage in Quebec, and the cops can’t keep me under control, they are going to get bored and say, “fuck it, shoot the guy, even though he only poses a threat to himself”?

    Well I suppose instead of tasers we could give cops the right back to demobilize people by shooting at their kneecaps, that ought to calm down anyone.

  2. Lachlan says :

    Well if they don’t TASER him, I’m sure they could just beat him seneseless with a traditional baton. What’s the potential for death or permanent injury there? Maybe shoot him with rubber bullets?
    I’d like to see the statistic of how many taserings there have been without a fatality. I am assuming it is in the thousands. The fact remains, you don’t get tasered for no reason at all. If you’re doing something that warrants police attention, chances are you’re not society’s best friend. It’s unfortunate that these people died, but I’m on the police’s side. For the people concerned they could be next, then here’s a tip, delightfully from Jim Carrey in “Liar Liar” STOP BREAKING THE LAW ASSHOLE.

  3. Blaine says :

    I just attended the prayer service for Robert Dziekanski (his mother was my Engish student). The entire service was in Polish. I didn’t understand a thing! Here I was probably the only one in the church who know any Polish, nothing. I didn’t understand anything that was said. I wished I had an interpreter! The irony wasn’t over my head.
    I looked up into the vast vaulted ceiling of the church and I decided to do a little mental role playing in my head. Imagine if I fell asleep during the mass and woke up and everyone was gone except for a couple people who don’t speak or understand English – they only know Polish. Doors are locked. It’s several hours later and I’m hungry and tired. But eventhough I try, I can’t tell them that – they don’t understand me. But then they start talking back to me as if they are trying to tell me what to do, but I don’t understand them. I am now beginning to feel frustrated. Hours pass and still I’m stuck here not knowing when I’ll get out. I’d like to go to sleep but I don’t feel safe doing that. They might steal my money, watch, or worse, do something to me. Now I’m frustrated and anxious because my nerves are on edge now. I’m beginning to have those same feelings as I had when I was 6 years old and got lost in the mall. In vain I try talking to them again. “I want out! Help me!” This time I don’t say it, I yell it because haven’t you noticed when someone doesn’t understand you, yellling the same thing helps them to understand. Now someone is talking on the phone. Maybe they are calling help for me. A few minutes later, several big men wearing yellow jackets come through the door, walking deliberately and directly at me speaking in Polish, or some language that I don’t understand. Who are they? Maybe police, maybe gang, I don’t recognize their clothes. Now I’m feeling threatened, it’s 1:30 am, I’m exhausted, emotionally strung out, hungry, frightened.

    Doing this mental role playing let me begin to feel how I think Robert felt. But this was a church in my own city. I knew that even if I was trapped in this church overnight, come Monday morning, the doors would open and I’d be free again to find my way home. How terrified he must have been, 7000 miles from home in a vast airport complex with no money, hungry, frustrated, and afraid to go to sleep. And no one who could understand him. Like he was on an alien planet.

    I wish this had never happened. Hopefully some good can come from it though.

  4. Ben says :


    Thank you for your post. I think this is something we all might benefit from trying before we pass judgement on someone as having done something to deserve what the Vancouver police did in this instance.


  5. Lachlan says :

    Blaine you make an excellent point. Fear and exhaustion can play on the mind and cause irrational actions. But let’s use a similar thought extension in this manner: You’re a cop, charged with protecting and serving the general population. You’re in an area that is considered high security risk, given the current environment surrounding airports in general. Given the events of the past few years, you’ve been trained to observe human behaviour very closely, to monitor for potential unrest. The hours of alert vigilance probably wear on you, and you see a foreign man acting irrationally, ignoring your instructions and freaking people out. You have to decide right now is this guy a threat, or some emotionally fragile person. Is this man’s gibberish threatening words from a lunatic with a point to prove? Given your situation, you decide to put him out of commission, to control the situation. Unfortunately, the reaction didn’t end up so well.

  6. hiddenident says :

    There is no logical reason for a law enforcement officer to get hurt. Especially when there are good, safe and proven tools for an officer to use. The positive aspects of a taser mean that the pain is instantly off when the officer cuts it off. That’s far unlike expandable batons, hand strikes and pepper spray which all have longer lasting effects. A taser simply does not. Its typically an instant reaction to the pain.

    The media does a FAR in justice to the taser. It SAVES lives. OVER and OVER again…it saves lives, reduces officer injuries and also as important….it reduces the injuries to the violator.

    What you fail to realize that the taser is not a lethal weapon or a weapon that leaves long term injuries. The taser is not bad. It may sound scary with the noise or look spooky with the arching but it’s not. It’s only pain. Amps are what kills you and it takes 100mA to stop your heart. The taser uses 2.1 milliamps. That’s 0.0021 amps. A bulb on a string of Christmas tree lights uses about 1 amp.

    The question not asked because it’s not trackable is how many lives have been saved because law enforcement was able to use another tool available to them in order to prevent the use of lethal force? In major cities that previously had high officer involved shootings, those numbers have gone down (Phoenix and Cincinnati to name just two). Over and over again… You can’t say definitively have many lives have been saved because of the taser because we don’t know…we’ll never know. But we can say that officer involved shootings are lower. Thus, saving the suspects life.

    Yes tasers result in deaths. In that rare, rare instance…someone may die after a tasering. Just like drinking milk may kill you, it happens. Or driving a car to work. All are safe in their own right. All are considered non-lethal actions. Normally. Until one abnormal thing happens. Like the taser suspect is jacked up on some narcotic to a nearly fatal level. Or you have an allergic reaction to the milk. Or a drunk driver crosses into your lane and comes at you head on. Etc… But you don’t see the result of death listed as a result of a tasering. It’s always because drugs were in the system. Always.

    People have died from ASP strikes, handcuffing (just this month in fact), pepper spray, etc. It happens and it’s unfortunate and in most (certainly not all cases) cases, the death resulted from an outside influence and not from the original weapon. The results of these deaths in numbers is less than that of some medications commonly prescribed. And yet people focus on one death with a taser and not the 20,000 tases that occurred in the past month without death. And of those…probably 19,000 were on someone on illegal drugs.

    In the end, I’m not sure what person ever deemed that tasers were unsafe or bad. Yet I see that over and over. Education on the subject is important and reading independent studies with good, solid research and statistics is the key.

  7. Ben says :

    Well Mr. Anon, how much did our friends at TASER International pay you for that little public service announcement? I jest, of course. Sort of.

    Maybe if these deaths aren’t linked (and I agree there hasn’t been a scientifically proven link), it means the police need to upgrade to military grade taser’s to really start killing people: http://www.taser.com/products/military/Pages/default.aspx.

    Again I jest. Sort of.

  8. edvin says :

    I don’t have a problem with taser being used by the police W H E N N E C E S S A R Y. I have big problem with police ‘s pure services. The police officer should be the the person with highest possible integrity,responsibility,morality. I don’t know fighting myself but I’m sure that in the situation with mr. Dziekanski at Vancouver International Airport I would try to establish some kind of comunication first to find out what’s the problem and try to restrain and handcuff him first with the help and cooperation of other 4 police officers.
    I would be extremmaly ashemed of myself for acting like police in Vancouver.
    They even don’t have a decency to feel sorry for unecessary deth. They claim giving two shocks when witness say four with 3-rd and 4-rth executed at the same time. They say it was 2 or 3 of them and witness say 5. They say that surveliance cameras didn’ t work.
    All together I think they feel little bit shitty about themself and I’m sure they shoud.They failed to serve their duty and provide help for the man in need rather than killing him for no reason.

  9. XJSGUY says :

    I just stopped taking zocor.
    The side effects were terrible.
    Just one of the many was aggressive irritability.
    I can inagine what these violent animals would have done to me if I was in a similar situation.
    I’m 68, a Nam vet, business.home owner and don’t drink or do any other illegal drugs.
    I have no doubt that these violent, abusive, raging animals have hatred in their hearts for humans.
    Is it jealousy of our many fine qualities that THE MAJORITY of them do NOT have?
    Do you believe that one of the murderers had any intoention whatsoever of going that extra little yard to attempt to HELP Mr. Dziekanski??
    Certainly not and, there is absolutely NO proof of this.
    I’m an older guy who contributes to my community, has no record other than traffic and have several local cops as customers.
    Even so, I am thoroughly disgusted with the predatory behavior by these “Hells Angels in blue”.
    Of course, we the people have no recourse to charge them with this murder and, as is usual, they will get away with it.
    One of the major impediments to the “right thing” is the attitudes of those such as “hiddenident” who is probably one of them.
    You can read almost every post on the net about these murders/murderers and, you will clearly be able to ascertain that, those of us who are humans who want their “legalized” criminality to stop are far and away the majority while, the ONLY ones who rationalize the abuses are either them, related to them or are part of the companies who supply these WEAPONS to them.
    Let us human beings band together to stop them and FORCE them to become what they claim to be.

  10. hiddenident says :

    No, I do not, nor will I ever, work for Taser. :) My point is that tasers are an effective tool. Their is a HUGE misconception about tasers. Huge and it’s undeserved. http://www1.wfubmc.edu/news/NewsArticle.htm?Articleid=2165 Read that article…

    As for the other comments, I’m not an alarmist or paranoid person who thinks that all cops are out to get us as XJSGUY seems to think. You want to police the police…who’s going to do that? As soon as you do, you’re one of them. By your standards you would be corrupt and killing innocent people because, as you seem to claim or make accusations towards, that’s all police do. And you know as well as I, that’s not true. When we hear noises in our backyards, who do we call? When someone is trying to hurt someone, who do we call? We need police, just like we need a military. Failure to have them doesn’t result in people being nice and friendly, it results in those with no scruples to taking advantage of us. Bad cops suck and deserved to be punished and unless you don’t read the news much, they do get arrested and charged.

    However, this post was about tasers and their uses and a death that resulted from an apparently use or mis-use of one. I offer you this. When a death occurs in police custody, it should be investigated. Did the police act properly? What could have or should have been done differently, if anything? People die in police custody and yes…shockingly enough, it wasn’t always the police departments fault. At times it may have been and thus should be dealt with. But I seriously don’t here are of any profession that grants us as experts to decide fault. Instead we read a news article and somehow we’re experts at the law and with medical jargon. Not. XJSGUY you judge too quickly, without fact or reason and you’re really as bad as those you seem to hate.

  11. Ben says :


    Thanks for your response. I must say I feel like I’m falling somewhere between the extremes of thinking that the all police are out to get us and that there is no link b/w tasers and people dying after their use.

    Generally speaking I feel that the police do a great job, most police officers are good people who care about the work they do, and there are generally checks in place with police forces in both Canada and the United States to monitor these incidents, as you pointed out. However, history has also shown that it is always important to keep a critical eye on positions of power, especially if all evidence points to no wrongdoing on their part.

    I think it is important to “police the police,” and that is the role of the public and elected officials. Which is why it’s important for the public to have discussions like this.

    So, that’s my way of saying thanks for your input to everyone, whether we all agree or not! Of course, if you don’t agree with me, I just picked up this sweet Taser online last week… ;)


  12. Valerie says :

    This new trend that cops tazer anyone that gets uppitty is complete b.s. Cops need to learn self defense. Someone takes a swing at you, sure go ahead and punch back or pull out your clubs, but tazer? NO . If he has a weapon like a knife sure, but a unarmed person? Never unless the cops life is in obvious jeapordy

  13. XJSGUY says :

    MR. “I love tazering YOU” says:

    “There is no logical reason for a law enforcement officer to get hurt. Especially when there are good, safe and proven tools for an officer to use. The positive aspects of a taser mean that the pain is instantly off when the officer cuts it off. That’s far unlike expandable batons, hand strikes and pepper spray which all have longer lasting effects. A taser simply does not. Its typically an instant reaction to the pain.

    The media does a FAR in justice to the taser.

    >>>>>>>>It SAVES lives. <<<<<>>>>>>OVER and OVER again<<<<<<>>>>>>it reduces the injuries to the violator.<<<<<<<<

    Then Mr I love tazering YOU says,
    “What you fail to realize that the taser is not a lethal weapon or a weapon that leaves long term injuries”.
    Let us discuss Mr ILTY’s initial sentence,

    “There is no logical reason for a law enforcement officer to get hurt.”

    The unstated, hidden meaning?

    “There was a logical reason to kill Mr Dziekanski.”

    Add to this hearfelt demonstration of legitimate concern for INNOCENT human beings, there was not one goddamn word of compassion for the murder victim, MR DZIEKANSKI!!

    More from officer ILTY:
    “The positive aspects of a taser mean that the pain is instantly off when the officer cuts it off. That’s far unlike expandable batons, hand strikes and pepper spray which all have longer lasting effects. A taser simply does not. Its typically an instant reaction to the pain.”

    Oh, Mr Dziekansi, is that true?
    Are you all better now?
    Are you glad that those wonderfully concerned and tenderhearted gentlemen did every possible thing they could to correctly determine whether you had a medical/emotional problem?
    After they electrocuted you, as is their wont, can you tell us how much better it is to be murdered by electrocution than all these “worse” items:
    “expandable batons, hand strikes and pepper spray which all have longer lasting effects”.

    Damn, it sounds like a torture meseum.
    Reread these things they use to intentionally harm all the humans they can get their filthy hands on.
    Is there ANY question whatsoever that the sort of angry haters seek the protection of and “permission” to act out the anger they couldn’t when they were younger because they have always been physical cowards?

    Our hero, Mr ILTY will undoubtedly make feeble attempts to justify their hateful murderous ways hiwever, Mr Wonderful will surely NOT express any concern for Mr Dziekanski, a truly INNOCENT victim of his kind.

    Shame on you, you prove what the MAJORITY of us with hearts have posted by ignoring Mr Dziekanski.

  14. Lachlan says :

    Well we know what to buy you for Christmas. A frontal lobotomy and ten rolls of rubber wall paper.

  15. Martin M. says :

    I want to focus on the topic of bad architecture @ YVR.

    Both Robert & his mom were supposed to meet at the carousel. Sounds pretty normal to me.

    Why was this not taken into consideration when that dangerous trap (International Arrivals) was designed.

    Other friends of mine have pointed that out to me also.

    Martin M.

  16. Ben says :


    I’ve never been in YVR…is it really difficult to find someone at international arrivals?

  17. Chris says :

    One question for all of you Taser fans. How many Taser related deaths have taken place in any of the European countries?
    How many people/turists have been shot, tasered or otherwise “eliminated” in any of the European countries?

    Also, for those of you big fans of the Canadian police a.k.a. RCMP, what kind of reaction would you have if a Canadian turist would have been killed by the Polish police in a similar incident?

    Have any of you travelled to Europe? Have you seen the police officers? Are they like most of the RCMP officers around here – 400 pounds of donut eating disorder, hardly breading, unable to do hand to hand combat?

    Its shamefull that someone can take the time to defend the police action in this situation! This was an international airport, the guy was kept by the customs for hours with no explanation whatsoever. He was tired, fatigued, hungry – he had every right to be emotional. He didn’t come to Canada to blow up the airport or to steal the Tim Hortons donut secret receipe.
    He came to see his mother!…and he died a stupid death, because of a bunch of trigger happy overweight cowboys.

    Just because most police officers do a good job, are honest and work tirelessly to defend our peace, it doens’t mean that we have to turn our head the other way and allow these officers to get away with stupidity! Back to the gym with them, learn how to arrest an unarmed person, back to basic police skills, get your hands dirty a little – Tim Hortons can wait, they’re open 24h!

    It is a sad day for humanity when we’re coming up with pathetic excuses for murder. Call it what you want, it is murder when you kill someone.

  18. Lachlan says :

    Have you actually seen the officers who tasered this guy? Can you confirm that they are overweight and out of shape? To be completely honest with you, with the exception of TV, I have never seen an out of shape cop, and I haven’t noticed an overly proportional number of them in donut stores, again except on TV.
    Does television dictate the realities of how our world exists these days?
    I am the first to agree that the actions of police officers need to be monitored to ensure that power is not abused. The same goes for any branch of the government. Unchecked power creates a system of tyranny. However, I don’t believe that was the case in this case. You can be a bleeding heart all you want, but the fact remains our society is based on the principals of authority, and police officers are the representations of that authority. When they give you instructions you follow them. If you make the choice not to, then consequences of that choice can be brutal. Tasers are generally accepted as a non-lethal form of force. The fact they used their tasers is a sign to me they were going out of their way to avoid permanently hurting him. It is unfortunate that he was killed during this event. To try to suggest this man was “murdered” is laughable. Considering his actions at the time, and the information police had at the time, force was justified. You can break down all the mitigating circumstances around the man’s irrational behaviour after the fact all you like…at the time with the information at hand, their actions were justifiable and correct. It is just a horrible tragedy that he ended up dying.

    Before you lambast cops with trite cliches, and tired old rhetoric, perhaps think about the next time you might need them to protect you.

  19. Martin M. says :

    Hi Ben,

    > I’ve never been in YVR…is it really difficult to find someone at international arrivals?

    > Yes, it appears so. This was the fundamental reason why Zofia wasn’t able to find Robert.

    All my respect & sympathies to the family.

  20. edvin says :

    Hi Lachlan,

    Yes. I have seen enough of overweight police officers.
    Once I have witnessed a chase of the suspect.
    I was on the small side street in Burnaby BC close to the corner of the main street and about 4 min walking distance from the skytrain station where the chase began. Young man in his 20 ties was tackled down by uniformed transit security person in his 40 ties. About 15 seconds later two police officers emerged from around the corner shouting from about 50 yards distance ‘GOOD JOB ,GOOD JOB’ . It was funny even more when you could see haw breathless and sweaty were they .One of them lost his police cap in the process. I have seen them also few times in the coffee shop feeding on doughnuts.

    Zofia couldn’t find Robert not because of bad configuration of the waiting area but because Robert wasn’t there for about 11 hrs after arrival. He was been held by Immigration and/or Customs.

  21. Oswaldo Perez Cabrera says :

    Seems like there is a lot of ignorance within the police ranks. They abuse their power and are quick to draw and HURT people instead of talking. This guy was MURDERED and the life of a woman DESTROYED, and all because of the burocracy of the airport and the incompetence of the cops.

    Infromation at the airport never gives you INFORMATION about your loved ones if they are not out on time or if they lost the plane. Their tactics in inmigration are very intrusive and paranoid, they try to provoke fear and never help you.

    Then the RCMP they try to cover up seizing a tape, betraying the trust of a concerned citizen like Mr Pitchard, (my support to you) and investigating THEMSELVES and then they say it can take YEARS to know the answers, while is very clear this man was KILLED by negligence and ignorant cops, at least they will have to carry an enourmous guilt over their lives, something that I don’t wish for anybody. I guess is karma for destroying the live of the hard working woman.

    I hope everybody pressures police now. WE pay them through our TAXES, they work us, to PROTECT US not kill us.

  22. David says :

    hehehe sooooooo stupid country primitive ,barbarian , like a sheet, if he was a russsian my frends many canadian will be a big trouble in russia but in capitalistic poland maybe not maybe yes ,you are lucky now but in future a must warn you ….. keeep smiling:P keep smiling:D:D:D

  23. David Lewis says :

    The bottom line in all of this is really simple…

    1. You have 1 completely unarmed man in a secure room by himself posing no risk to the public. His greatest weapon is a stapler and a flimsy little folding pine table. If the ending wasn’t so tragic… it would be laughable.

    2. He is joined by FOUR highly armed and intimidating looking cops…. again… in a secure room… alone. Just the 1 upset guy and 4 cops and no one around.

    3. They make NO ATTEMPT whatsoever to communicate with him. ZERO. Nada. They walk in and shoot him with the tazer almost instantly… within seconds.

    4. A minute later, the man dies.

    Argue all you want about tasers and cops… those are the facts.

  24. Ben says :


    Umm, I quote:

    “hehehe sooooooo stupid country primitive ,barbarian , like a sheet, if he was a russsian my frends many canadian will be a big trouble in russia but in capitalistic poland maybe not maybe yes ,you are lucky now but in future a must warn you ….. ”

    All I ask is, what the heck does “like a sheet” mean? Maybe that a cultural reference I just can’t grasp.

  25. Pat Zuk says :

    I can’t believe that my parents brought us to Canada. What kind of a society brutally murders a man for being confused and having an obvious panic attack. Why did no one in the hours he was at the airport help this man. Have Candians sunk so low and so far from their hollier than thou ideals that a simple act of kindness is beyond you. I only hope the officers involved get the maximum punishment for premeditated murder – that is what the video shows. In this country it probably won’t happen because people will blame Robert Dziekanski and make the officers out to be heros for stopping another terrorist. Way to go Canada, stand up and take a bow for being such a welcoming and friendly country. Not only the officers, but Immigration Canada and the Vancouver Airport Authority deserve punishment. It is obvious that Robert’s mother tried to get hel- she too was there for hours and no one helped her. I have never been so ashamed to call myself a Canadian. Canada disgusts me.

  26. evie says :

    i can’t believe what happened. it was so unjust, so inhumane. the stupid police officers were told from the security guards that robert didnt speak english, and yet instead of getting help they just yelled at him in english, and when he clearly didnt understand, instead of getting a translator they tasered him several times, resulting in death and now they are trying to play it off that they only tasered him twice and his death is not a direct result of their stupidity.

    As a human being I cant believe what happened in the Vancouver airport. I have a really hard time believing that four RCMP officers could not control one man in the airport, especially a man without a gun or any other weapon. It is understandable that Robert Dziekanski was frusterated, spending ten hours waiting for his luggage at the airport, in a country where he does not speak the language and can not communicate with anyone. What normal person wouldn’t be upset and frusterated after all that time. Police claim that they could not communicate with him, and could not find anyone to translate. I think that is the biggest load of BS i have ever heard. No one else on his flight spoke Polish? and if everyone from his flight had already left the airport, no one else in the whole airport spoke Polish? Or for that matter no one spoke either Russian or Ukrainian in that aiport, which is similar enough to Polish to be able to communicate with an individual!?!? If so, The polish consulate also has a translator available 24 hours a day. Clearly the police officers did not have any sort of protocol. I find it really hard to imagine that out of 4 cops not a single one could try and get a translator on the phone.

    The RCMP took extreme measures when they were not necessary. Instead of helping the man after tasering him, they pounced on him, while he was hurled over in pain. WHERE DID THEY THINK HE WAS GOING TO GO WHEN HE WAS ROLLING AROUND ON THE GROUND IN VISIBLE PAIN!? A person is supposed to sit up after being zapped with so much voltage. Police officers should be well aware of that information, since they are given that weapon to use and administer on civilians. Having that information and undergoing training, the RCMP officers should not have acted in the way that they did. It was unnecessary, inhumane and just completely stupid. A mother has lost her only son because of the stupidity on the part of the police officers. And not only that, the officials at the airport told Dziekanski’s mother that he had not been on the plane, and so she went home while her son was trapped and killed at the airport. what should’ve been a joyous reunion turned into a vicious attack, and has made a mockery of the RCMP and their so called protocol. Dziekanski came to Canada for the opportunities that Canada claims to offer to immigrants and instead was brutually killed, not for committing a crime, but facing language barriers because he did not speak English.

    I hope that those four police officers are charged properly for their stupid behaviour. The video has been broadcasted all over the world, and shows exactly how stupid they were in their actions. I understand that they have to protect citizens and must react to difficult situations, but Dziekanski was not a threat to other people, and if they were worried that he was, at least they had time to contact a translator, since Dziekanski was clearly alone behind glass doors. Shouldn’t there be proper protocol to follow, and tasering should not be the first otpion. Even as a civilian, without police training, I know that they did not react they way they should have.

    That footage makes me lose any respect I have for the RCMP. A man lost his life for no reason. These people are trained to protect us, and instead they just created more harm than anything. I am ashamed to say these people are supposed to protect me. Clearly people didnt think he was a threat, there’s eyewitnesses who say they didnt consider him a threat. When he saw police he was happy and screaming POLICIA! POLICIA! someone would have to be stupid to not understand that means police. He was clearly frusterated, tired, hungry, thirsty and just waiting to find his mother. He was inexperienced in travel, and big airports, did not read or speak english and got lost. Instead of finding a translator for him, which would be the smart way to do stuff, or simply common sense, they attack him.

    A man was robbed of his life by four stupid individuals who should be punished. If he doesnt speak english, dont expect him to understand when you yell in english at him

  27. jacek piontek says :

    A rotten maple leaf.


    Ten years ago, I decided to visit Canada in my brand new Honda Civic. Just a day trip, as I had recently moved to Seattle from California and was eager to explore the Northwest.

    Once I reached the Canadian border, the Canadian authorities questioned me why I was going to Vancouver, how long I was going to stay and numerous other unusual questions. A few minutes later, another Canadian police officer appeared and asked me to pull over to the side. So I did and waited about ten minutes as a group of four more Canadian cops and a dog approached my vehicle. They asked me to step away from my car… so I did. What happened then, horrified me. They opened every door, hood and trunk and began removing door panels and carpet off in my brand new car.

    I started yelling at them and told to stop what they were doing, and screamed “I don’t want to see your country!” Then, I approached my vehicle, got inside and asked them what was that all about. I never got an answer, the only thing that I clearly remember is one of the officers commenting that “…it is a privilege to enter Canada.” As I was leaving, I noticed that most of the cars pulled over had either California or Texas license plates.

    Since then, I have been to Canada once, in Whistler on a company trip. I regret that trip until this day as I promised myself not to ever visit Canada since my experience at the border. This was ten years ago in October 1997. Ten years later, an innocent Polish tourist is killed by Canadian police at one of their airports.

  28. Ben says :


    As a U.S. citizen I’ve had several experiences similar to yours. However, this hasn’t stopped me from wanting to make my life here in Canada. Frankly, having your car taken apart, especially when crossing from the U.S. at an B.C. border crossing, isn’t unusual, nor unreasonable.

    I fail to see the correlation between your having your “brand new Honda Civic” (boo hoo) taken apart and the death of this man.

    Get over it and stop smuggling the kif across the border. (I jest, of course, except for the get over it part)


  29. Lachlan says :

    Maybe you have an idea of how Mexicans feel trying to enter the US.

  30. Pat Zuk says :

    It’s amazing that the first and last experience this man had in Canada was this horrible event. It sickens me to think of the cruelty of the Communist regime in Poland, having experienced it as a child. To be able to survive that and to be killed by visiting a free Western country, where people are supposedly welcomed. RCMP, Immigration Canada and Airport officials are to blame collectively. How do these people sleep at night?

  31. sassifer says :

    Yeah this is a pretty twisted situation. This won’t be let go that easily… it’s scared the living you know what out of a lot of people. Just as everyone won’t let 911 go… I doubt they’ll let this go. Atleast not lightly.

    Hope all is going well! I’m on another cleanse… oh boy. Lovin your blog ^.^

  32. Capitan Petrucho says :

    I have been seeing the video, the whole video, for more than 30 times, and, emotionally calm, I can tell that the majority of the people don’t see that:

    The police first does not approach him, so he is not scared more
    The police tries to talk to him
    Only after being tasered once, only the main with the red hair taseres him
    Only the man with the red hair, the one on the right of your screen, is the one who taseres him twice.
    How many million people go through Canada’s international airports without harm ?
    So, yes, this was an involuntary death, caused by either the paranoia, inexperience, whatever you like, but it was only one in many million happy passengers go through the international airports of Canada.
    Although, as not to form any firm opinion: we don’t know nothing, zip, nada, about the previous 1, 2, 3, 4 or five hours.
    We do not know for sure, what really happened to make this person so angry and frustrated, did he have his papers ok ?,

  33. Ben says :

    What are you the captain of “Capitan Petrucho”? Poor sentence structure?

  34. dm says :

    To all you sick twisted individuals that watched a murder by the hands of our finest uniformed “THUGS”


    A knee choke after being tazed that many times would kill you too.


  35. dm says :

    Above post I should have posted “SUPPORTERS” of that MURDER!

  36. Ben says :

    Dear dm (dipsomaniac? deputy minister? deranged mother?),

    I believe you go against your own argument when you state that “a knee choke after being tazed [sic] that many times would kill you too.” That implies a causal link between the tasering and his death. You might have been better served by telling all of us “sick twisted individuals”/”RETARDS” that a simple knee choke on its own would kill us.

    And, as usual, eloquent use of prose such as “RETARDS” always gives you more credibility.

    And if raising this issue makes me a “supporter of this murder”, I guess I’d rather be labeled that by someone as silly as you than let it go uncriticized.

  37. dm says :

    I corrected that post by stating Supporters of that murder.

    To argue in support of that murder is RETARDED!

  38. Lachlan says :

    Ahhhh, how Ironic (in this case, capitalized deliberately) that someone so glib, of such rapier wit, can toss about the barb of RETARD, and then lack the common sense to know what murder is.
    Of course this is to be expected of someone who likes to feel superior by calling someone a retard (um excuse me, i meant RETARD). It’s funny, because retard is a verb…..that’s like calling somebody a run, or a throw. It’s a common mistake, made by truly ignorant and stupid people.
    Next time if you could just limit your arguments to your dad being able to beat up my dad, we won’t have any problems.

  39. tomax7 says :

    To argue in support of that murder is RETARDED!

    Yes, but to support Involuntary Manslaughter isn’t.

    This was a case of the RCMP over reacting and being stupid. More than once they were told he didn’t speak English (“Russian”).

    As for the people saying what happened before hours, well a limo-driver let him into the secure area and called the cops, which if I remember didn’t arrive right away.

    Nevertheless, the YVR Security seen standing to the left of the video didn’t do much either. One jock-strap kept doing a lineback stance.

    From Customs to YVR Security, to RCMP, all should hang their heads in shame.

    Canada’s Rodney King.

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