Vote, Edmonton!

Don’t forget to vote today, all you Edmontonians!

Here’s all the information you need.

Now you have no excuse except apathy.


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4 responses to “Vote, Edmonton!”

  1. jimsey says :

    vote Ben Elling!

  2. Mark Iocchelli says :

    I’m not apathetic. I’m just …meh. ;)

  3. Janusz Dudek says :

    As they say: “people have the government they deserve”. For being lazy and naïve that’s what they get in Alberta and in Canada in general. Voting here is like fishing in a bucket. The person will be different but the game just the same. To repeat the same process and expect different results is pure opposite to sanity. We only elect the next dictator or regional or national “king” who will give our hard earned money to his golfing friends (I am referring to the federal advertising stolen money which never came back to us which means it is still stolen).
    The only democracy in the world lives and prospers in Switzerland where the Swiss people vote on issues and not on self-proclaimed visionary leaders. If Albertans remain as naïve as they are so far, they will still enjoy large percentage of them living under the poverty level and in the future their children paying millions for houses and all the other discomforts coming from problems politicians will never solve.
    The only real CHANGE will be to abolish the thing called democracy here and introduce the true one where in the uninterrupted process of referendums we will have democratic input in shaping our lives as in the words “demos cratos” = the reign of the people.
    People of Alberta and Canada; wake up and stop delegating your lives to opportunists, it is your lives, your country and your communities. Learn about true direct democracy and demand the change of the system not just elect yourself the next thief just because he promises the highest gold mountains. Don’t be naïve or lazy, democracy is a hard work for everyone, not just for a few, as always dishonest “leaders”.
    Learn about Switzerland and demand a system in which we too could be as wealthy and proud as the Swiss are for they work hard and get the best results of all countries I know of. Solutions to health care crisis, car insurance prices, primitive school system, gay rights, abortion, separation of Quebec etc. etc. are very easily achievable and exist in the continence of everyone. The trouble is we never get any chance to express it and have it as the law of the country. As for myself: I will not willingly put my life in anybody’s hand, like a slave. Doesn’t matter who is dangling election day promises in front of my nose. This doesn’t work in the long run and I know that after 2 decades I have lived here. I will go and destroy my ballot since I disapprove of this corrupted system. I do not want to vote out of rage and desire to stick it to the “leader” I don’t like any more. I want to be constructive and vote out of compassion to my fellow Canadians and willingness to solve every problem maintained by current establishment. And I know they would love to do the same for me in a DEMOCRATIC process.
    Information on direct democracy is readily available, it is the world of internet and media; even the Swiss embassy told me all results of all referendums held in Switzerland are available on the net. In the worst case you can always give me a call and I will gladly share my experience and impressions from having lived there. Swiss have solved their problems now is our turn. If only I knew how to start up a political movement to encourage independent thinking of the average person; any ideas?
    Janusz Dudek. Ph.: 780 486 4266.

  4. Ben says :


    Wow, that was quite the insightful comment. Thanks for your input.

    And I want my teeth back.

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