Intolerance stirring in the Alps

So we are all familiar with Switzerland’s involvement (some proven, some alleged) with the Nazi regime during World War II. Now it appears the political and social winds in the Alps are again creating a climate of intolerance and racism.

The difference between World War II and now? It appears that the Swiss people are prepared to abandon their neutrality in favor of attacking immigrants with chainsaws.

While it appears Switzerland is mirroring an overall European shift towards xenophobia, this attack is a particularly chilling indicator of how far things have deterioriated for imigrants and visible minorities living in Switzerland, especially since there has been little notice taken on the international stage.

It will be interesting to see how the Swiss government responds, especially since passing a bill which authorizes police officers to use Tasers to force immigrants onto planes leaving Switzerland.

Immigrant attacked by chainsaw wielding men


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3 responses to “Intolerance stirring in the Alps”

  1. jonolan says :

    While their methods are deplorable, there is nothing wrong with the populous of a democratic country expressing their desire to end immigration. If the Swiss people want to maintain their “purity” that’s perfectly OK. Again for clarification, I do not endorse the attacking on non-violent immigrants.

  2. Ben says :

    I’m going to leave this post up, jonolan, not because I agree with what you have said in any way, but because your use of “purity” and support of a country that wants to maintain a mythical concept of what a certain segment of the population believes life is “supposed” to be like in “their” country speaks volumes about how racism, intolerance, and even genocide can spread.

  3. jonolan says :

    Note: I quoted purity as a means of showing sarcasm – think of the hand signs people make ;)

    Like it or not Democracies are supposed to serve their populations, not the populations of other nations. If the Swiss people want to stop immigration, that’s their right. It’s a HUGE jump to go from that belief to genocide.

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