For Sale: Titan Missle Base – Only $1.5 million!

Okay, how often does a deal like this come along? 57 acres of land, close to major highways, 1.5 hrs from Spokane, 16 underground buildings…wha? Underground buildings?

You heard right, kiddies.  For a cool $1.5 million you could be the proud owner of the decommissioned Larson Air Force Base Complex 1A Titan ICBM Facility! 

Think of the things you could do with not one, not two, but three 160′ missle silos – you could launch cows, launch cars, launch semi-trucks, heck, you could launch missles!

Or maybe you could re-activate the two antenna silos and broadcast your own pirate radio.

Or you could start your own society.

At the very least you would have your own evil lair from which you could plot your takeover of the entire world!

Thanks to Heidi for the tip.

Titan Missle Base

Batteries not included.


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One response to “For Sale: Titan Missle Base – Only $1.5 million!”

  1. jimsey says :

    god, think of how many things we could “see if it breaks” by dropping it 160 feet.

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