Police use of Tasers causes few injuries?


“Two who were shocked with the weapon died, but the researchers said investigations and autopsies determined the deaths to have been unrelated to the Taser.”

I’m not a doctor, but are you are telling me that, if these people had not been shocked by the taser, they would have died at exactly the same moment in time?

In terms of sheer numbers (and w/o really thinking, Ben doesn’t pay me enough to think), I believe in the use of tasers where situations merit. Clearly its better than opening fire, or at the very least removing ones gun from the holster. But that’s not to say, that if a Cop uses a taser, he would have used a firearm given he wasn’t equipped with a taser.

All this talk of tasers has got me hungry, time to go shock me up some dinner


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3 responses to “Police use of Tasers causes few injuries?”

  1. Ben says :

    Perhaps getting tasered is less painful than this incident – a 15-year-old girl getting punched and pepper-sprayed for being out at midnight.

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