10 Things Wrong With Sprawl (In case you forgot)

Here’s a great article by James McElfish Jr. with the Environmental Law Institute (thanks to Christopher Leo for the link).

I’ve been known to rant incoherently about what is wrong with sprawl.  I thought this might be a little more beneficial since it is logical, well-written and concise, all things I’m usually not!

For some of you this may be the usual arguments you’ve heard before, but I think reminding us all what the basic pitfalls of urban sprawl are is worthwhile. And maybe it can help remind some people that you don’t really need a 3,000 sq ft, 2.5 bath, 5 bedroom house to be happy.

For a quick run-down, here are the big 10:

  1. Sprawl development contributes to a loss of support for public facilities and public amenities.
  2. Sprawl undermines effective maintenance of existing infrastructure.
  3. Sprawl increases societal costs for transportation.
  4. Sprawl consumes more resources than other development patterns.
  5. Sprawl separates urban poor people from jobs.
  6. Sprawl imposes a tax on time.
  7. Sprawl degrades water and air quality.
  8. Sprawl results in the permanent alteration or destruction of habitats.
  9. Sprawl creates difficulty in maintaining community.
  10. Sprawl offers the promise of choice while delivering more of the same.



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2 responses to “10 Things Wrong With Sprawl (In case you forgot)”

  1. Ben says :

    We didn’t really need any of the agricultural land up there, anyway.

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